Bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises are movements that don’t require any equipment at all. Instead, your body provides all the resistance. Bodyweight exercises tend to be mult-joint movements and can be an effective and easy way to strength train at home or on-the-go. Some common movements include: push ups, sit ups, and squats.

Travel workouts

Travel workouts are a great way to fit in exercise when you are travelling, whether for work or pleasure. Typically, these don’t require much – if any – equipment. When I travel, I usually bring some exercise bands and a jump rope – items that can easily fit in my suitcase. A TRX is also a great choice since it takes up such little room and can be attached to any door. Exercises can be done in your room, a hotel gym, outside, or on the beach!

Hotel room workouts

TRX total body workout



HIIT, or “high intensity interval training, involves alternating high intensity movements with low to moderate intervals. It can be used in activities like running (performing 30 second sprints followed by a 1 minute rest interval) or with bodyweight movements. HIIT is a great way to increase your metabolism, burn fat, and improve endurance.

Mother’s Day HIIT workout


Home workouts

Home workouts are an effective way to get in a workout when you just can’t make it to the gym. They are ideal for small spaces and typically include minimal to no equipment. Most of my workouts include bodweight exercises or a set of dumbbells. Check out my previous post if you’re interested in setting up your own training space at home.

4 on the 4th: upper body super set workout

Stability ball and dumbbell workout

20 minute home workouts

Lower body bodyweight workout

 A Fit Mess

Strength training + cardio

I love incorporating cardiovascular work with my strength training. It’s an ideal way to get a complete workout in if you are limited on time or the number of days you can make it to the gym. There are a lot of ways to structure strength and cardio workouts. If you are interested in learning what works best for you, check out this post.

Strength and cardio workout (run)

Strength and cardio (row)

Row / Lift

Running + STRENGTH (descending sets)



Resistance training should be done by everyone, especially women. Strength training maintains bone health, boosts metabolism, burns fat, and gives you a lean, toned look. I recommend strength training at least twice per week.

Shoulders + hamstrings

Dumbbell super set workout

Carpe Diem workout: biceps, triceps, + abs

 A Fit Mess


Tabata training is a type of high intensity interval training that follows a specific sequence: 20 seconds of very high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of complete rest. Repeat this 8 times for a total of 4 minutes. A super simple example of this would be to sprint for 20 seconds and rest for 10. Tabata workouts can be used for activities like running or strength/bodyweight movements. They are a sure fire way to crank up your heart beat and challenge your body.

20 minute Tabata 


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