Last week’s workouts + running (mostly) pain free

October 10, 2016

Hello there, friends! I hope everyone stayed safe and dry this weekend. Luckily, all Hurricane Matthew did was bring lots and lots of rain here on Friday and Saturday. I only ventured out a few times to workout, grab a few groceries, and meet my best friend for a belated birthday brunch. It was a pretty low-key weekend. Honestly, I feel like that’s my favorite kind of weekend. I’m such a homebody.

These two loved all the rain!


My workouts have been pretty great lately. I took one day off last week (Thursday) and I’ve been feeling much better after exercising – a big improvement from the week before. And while I wish I  could have done a bit more yoga, I’m happy with the overall balance.


Last week’s workouts


Monday @ the Y

warm up: run 800 meters

Arnold press 3 x 10

bentover rear delt raise (seated) 3 x 10

standing 1 arm shoulder press 3 x 12


  • front raises
  • DB upright row


lateral raises 3 x 12

10 mins ab work:

  1. reverse crunch (2 min)
  2. leg lifts (2 min)
  3. ab pull ins (2 min)
  4. leg raises (2 min)
  5. crunch (2 min)



5 rounds for time (workout from Paleomg)

  • 400 meter run
  • 20 DB thrusters
  • 20 push ups with hands on DBs
  • 20 sit ups holding DB


I finished around 25 minutes.




The strength portion went like this:

4 rounds:

  • deadlifts to low row
  • DB half swings
  • single leg lifts holding a DB
  • sit ups holding a DB


Then 2 x 2 min all out rows.

And then lots of DB and TRX rows and core work.

Treadmill work included several push paces at 3% – 6% inclines and a few all outs for 1 min.






60 minute hot flow at Hot Asana 




Lots of rowing (1,500 meters total) and tons of lower/ab body work (lateral lunges, calf raises , v-ups)

The run portion went something like this: Run 0.3 miles AFAP (as fast as possible) and then walk for 60 seconds. Repeat that sequence for 10 minutes. Sixty seconds recovery and then run 10 minutes for time to try and beat your original distance.



4-ish mile run outside –> absolutely glorious

I was planning on working out at home, but then I saw the sun shining and the most incredible blue sky and decided to go for a run. It turned out to be a great decision because the run was perfect.


Running was a big part of my life before I had kids. If I wasn’t training for a race then I was planning my next one. Due to a hamstring tear, hip pain, and various injuries I stopped running regularly. My last half marathon was almost a year ago and I haven’t had much desire to start running big distances since then. My biggest issue continues to be shin splints. Up until a year ago, I never experienced shin pain, but now I understand why they can be so frustrating and painful for runners. I have some ideas as to why it developed (running in the wrong shoe, running too fast, my landing/stride) and I tend to hang on to inflammation for a long time.


At the start of the year I decided to focus more on strength and less on conditioning (i.e., running). I’m enjoying the break from running, but I also love fall running. I’ve started playing around with running in minimal shoes (Vibrams and Nikes) and I’m noticing that my shin pain has dramatically decreased. I’ve also been focusing a lot on recovery – wearing compression socks during and after my runs, foam rolling, and doing strength work for my calves and shins. I’ve also started running without my Garmin so I don’t get caught up in my pace or time.


So far so good! I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to run without feeling pain! I’m hopeful if I continue to do these things I may eliminate it completely. I’m learning that in order to enjoy certain activities (like running) I need to really focus on my recovery. Stay tuned for more updates.


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How was your weekend? Anyone else love fall running? 

Friday faves 11 + last week’s workouts

August 9, 2016

Hi!! I’m a bit behind with sharing my Friday faves so how about I do that on a random Tuesday? Here are some of the things I’m loving right now.


Friday Faves 11

The Olympics. I love watching the summer games. I’m totally in awe of all the talented athletes who dedicate their lives to sport. My favorite events to watch are the men’s and women’s gymnastics. Gymnasts are such incredible athletes. It’s insane what they can do.


This Kate Spade planner – after going back and forth between electronic and paper, I’ve decided I’m a paper person at heart. Don’t get me wrong – I love having reminders on my iPhone and we use Outlook at work, but I really like having a visual calendar in front of me. It’s easy for dates and events to sneak up on me if I don’t have it laid out before me. So I’m embracing my old-fashioned self and am publicly declaring my love for the paper planner. Who’s with me?!

A Fit Mess

Keeping with the old fashioned theme for a sec, I should also admit that I am one of the few adults who still uses pencils. I just love writing with pencil and having the option to erase. And these pencils are too fun not to have in my life. Oh, how I love Etsy. 


Yoga on the road – yes, please! In fact, I think I’ll start doing these at my desk.

Am I the only one who is ready for summer to be over? This article made me laugh. 🙂

thredUP – I’m a bit surprised it has taken me so long to try this online consignment shop, but I have recently started selling and buying clothing with thredUP and I’ve enjoyed my experience so far. I’ll post a review soon.

A Fit Mess

These lanterns from Pottery Barn. Reason #101 why Pinterest can be dangerous. I ordered the large one for our living room and I’m excited for it to arrive!

A Fit Mess

This quote. I wholeheartedly agree…“Train because you love your body, not because you hate your body.” – Molly Galbraith

This arm and ab burner workout. 

Arm + Ab burner - A Fit Mess

Pineapple. Because pineapple. This was an impulse buy, but it proved to be a good idea. The pineapple was super juicy and sweet. I cut up the entire thing and froze half of it for smoothies. It was my first time cutting up a whole pineapple and it was actually quite easy with very little mess.

A Fit Mess

Starbucks cold brew pitcher packs. I’ll definitely be taking one of these to the beach in a couple weeks!

Starbucks cold brew

This cooler bag by Funny and super cute.

A Fit Mess

And the best news of all — Bridget Jones’s Baby is due in theaters next month! This picture is all the proof I need that this movie will be hysterical.


Last week’s workouts

Monday – Back + Abs

20 reps of each – repeat 3 times

  • barbell deadlift (I used #70 lbs)
  • bentover barbell row (I used #60)
  • wide grip lat pull down
  • seated cable row back extension on the bosu ball
  • knee raises on Roman chair
  • bicycle crunches


Tuesday – Arms + Abs workout 

Wednesday – REST

Thursday – Orangetheory

Friday – yoga 30 minutes of heart and hip openers

Saturday – Orangtheory

Sunday – 75 minutes hot yoga


When it comes to your schedule, are you a paper or electronic person? 

Anyone have success with thredUP (buying or selling)?

Iced coffee or hot coffee?

Weekend highlights: gym fun, indulgences (too many), + yoga

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend. Matt is working a full day today, but I’m home with the girls. If the weather turns around we’ll head over to the pool in the afternoon. Doesn’t look promising with all the rain we’ve been having.

We had a busy weekend, but I managed to fit in a few early birthday indulgences and a bit of personal time. It was all around a good few days.

Okay, here’s a quick rundown of our highlights.

Award ceremony at The Little Gym. The regular season has ended (summer sessions will begin soon) and the class received little ribbons for all their hard work. Omg, the girls were so proud of themselves. They’ve been sleeping with their ribbons ever since.


Those smiles!


Friday evening massage at Hand and Stone Spa. Matt renewed my three month membership as my Mother’s Day gift (good man!) and I had a wonderful massage at the end of the day. Nothing puts me in weekend mode like a massage.


Saturday sweat sesh at Orangetheory (yes, I consider getting my butt handed to me a highlight). It was endurance day which meant a lot of incline sprints and rowing. We ended the last 15 minutes of class with a partner workout. I was toast at the end.


Farmer’s Market with the girls. We headed to the FM after my class, but I was a bit disappointed with the limited selection. I may try and visit another location next time. We did find our peaches and they were magnificent. How great does peach ice cream sound?


Painting birdhouses. I picked up some wooden birdhouses at AC Moore (LOVE this store) for $1 each and the girls enjoyed painting them on the deck. Big tantrums afterwards when I told them we needed to leave them on the deck to dry (we’re definitely in THAT stage right now where everything is the end of the world) which leads me into my next highlight…


A manicure for mommy. Matt came home from work and I was like, “I gotta tap out!” So I left to get a manicure. I know it might sound silly, but getting my nails done always makes me feel good. It was just what I needed.


A little wine on Saturday and a whole lot of Bloodline (season 2!). We definitely binge-watched three episodes. Anyone else into the show?


Sunday morning hot yoga class. I’ve been favoring strength training over other things lately, but it felt so good to move and stretch. I felt a bit like the Tin Man though.

The end.

Last week’s workouts (strength programs from



  • narrow stance squat 4 x 15
  • narrow stance leg press 4 x 8
  • walking BB lunges 3 x 20
  • single-leg BB squat (foot on bench) 4 x 8
  • standing calf raise 3 x 20
  • leg extension 3 x 10


Arms + abs + cardio

  • push ups 4 x 15
  • seated tricep extension 4 x 8
  • cable single arm tricep ext 3 x 8
  • reverse grip tricep push down 3 x 8
  • skull crusher 3 x 8
  • close grip BB bench press 3 x 8
  • incline DB curl 4 x 8
  • alt. DB bicep curl 4 x 8
  • BB curl 21s 2 x 21
  • stability ball crunch 3 x 25
  • weighted v-ups 3 x 15
  • stability ball reverse crunch 3 x 15

cardio: 2 mile run



  • DB press (on floor) 2 x 10 — warm up
  • reverse tricep DB press on stability ball 4 x 8
  • DB fly (on ball) 4 x 8
  • DB press (on ball) 4 x 8
  • dips 4 x 8
  • weighted crunch 3 x 25
  • leg raises 3 x 10
  • reverse crunch 3 x 15


1 mile run, then:

shoulders – 4 x 8 for each exercise

  • Arnold DM press
  • seated bent-over rear delt raise
  • standing one-arm DB press
  • front DB raise
  • standing DB upright row
  • side lateral raise
  • reverse fly

And calf raises 3 x 15

10 minutes rowing (every 3 minutes do 25 jump squats)


@ home workout:

20 minutes (as many rounds as possible)

  • 10 v-ups
  • 15 pushups
  • 20 jump squats
  • 25 mountain climbers

I got 10 rounds.


Orangetheory class


Hot yoga 75 minutes


Guess what? I have my FIRST giveaway for you guys! Stay tuned this week because I’m going to share it soon!

How was your weekend?

What are your plans for today?

What shows are you watching?


Weekend happening: lots of treats and sweets

March 28, 2016

Hello there. I am still in weekend mode over here. The girls are on spring break until Wednesday so I took today off to spend a bit more time with them. And pretty soon we are off to the beach! The week before a trip always seems to drag, doesn’t it?

girls at Montessori

Our weekend was fun. Friday began with a parent-teacher meeting at the girls’ school. It provided a chance for me to sit down with the owners/teachers to discuss how M & A are developing, their strengths, and learn about their progress at the school. I really appreciated the opportunity to speak with everyone and hear how the girls are doing. Overall, I’ve been very happy with the program. It gives the girls a chance to pursue their own interests and engage with other children in a group setting.


After we finished up at the school we went around the corner to Whole Foods for a celebratory treat. We shared a Green Monster smoothie which was made with kale, bananas, pineapple and almond milk. So good!

Green Monsters PS: the dresses were a gift from the girls’ nanny. Love them!


(I’m going to stop asking them to smile for pictures. This is what I get.)

When we got back home I did some work while the girls played and then it was nap time. Nap time for parents = get all the things done. Work, more work, laundry, clean, cook. Relax. Kidding about the last one.


Friday ended with Kombucha and Game of Thrones. I love the cranberry kind that Synergy makes. It’s super refreshing and good for the gut. It’s a great mocktail, too.

A - playground

Saturday I worked out and then the girls and I went to visit my bestie. We hung around her house for a bit and then walked to the nearby playground. The girls had a blast and it was great to catch up with my gal pal.

M - playground

On our way home we stopped by Market Street Coffee and the girls enjoyed some sorbet (mango and blood orange). I tried stealing a few bites, but they were pretty protective of their goods. Locals, make sure you stop by this coffee spot. It has an awesome drink selection and yummy desserts. It’s also a great place to do some work – lots of tables and chairs.



Ha – Maddie is definitely savoring that bite!

Later on we painted our Easter eggs! The girls used washable watercolors and paint brushes to decorate their eggs.



Easter eggs

They turned out so pretty! And, yes, we had a few cracked ones.

Sunday the Easter bunny paid us a visit. The girls got baskets full of stickers, crayons, organic gummy bears, raisins, and GF animal crackers. I also found these cute dog purses in the clearance section of Nordstrom Rack!

Easter baskets

And then these happened…

rice crispy treats

I decided to make these as an Easter treat for the girls family. It was my first time making these, but it was super simple. Just three ingredients: rice crispies, marshmallows and coconut oil. Man – these stick like the dickens!

A Fit Mess

Remember my recent post that mentioned the 80/20 rule? Well, these definitely fall into the 20% section. Yum!

rice crispy treats

I got some great workouts in last week despite having a slight cold.



Perform 15 reps of each exercise and repeat each set 3x before moving on to the next set. NO rest in between exercises, rest 1 minute in between sets. So, after your complete 3 rounds of set 1, rest 1 minute and begin set 2.

Set 1

  • front squat to push press (15# DBs)
  • tricep kickbacks (12# DBs)

Set 2

  • pushups
  • DB reverse lunge (15# DBs, 15 reps each side)

Set 3

  • shoulder push press (15# DBs)
  • DB row (12# DBs)

Set 4

  • tricep pushups on a medicine ball
  • DB side lunge (15# DBs)

Set 5

  • thrusters holding 12# medicine ball
  • bicep curls (12# DBs)



  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 pike pushups
  • 10 jump lunges off the bench
  • 10 dips or tricep pushups

Complete first round, then increase by 5 reps. So, 15 jump squats, 15 pike pushups, etc. Keep doing this until you complete 30 reps of each exercise. If you are still alive, work your way back down in reverse order (25 jump squats, 25 pike pushups). My legs definitely felt like noodles after this and I was sore for days.


Orangetheory power day: sprints, arms and oh my abs.




Yoga at home (AM)


Orangetheory – I don’t even know what I did in this class. It went by in a blur. Definitely tough. I remember sprinting at a 9% incline at 10.5 mph for 30 seconds and then my legs were like, “Nope!”


Hot yoga class at Hot Asana – super restorative and exactly what I needed

The End.

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