Holiday parade + last week’s workouts

Heyyy! Happy Monday! Did any of you brave the mall this weekend? I can’t even imagine. Amazon prime = total happiness for me.


We had a nice weekend at home and managed to bundle up on Saturday and make it to a holiday parade in downtown Chapel Hill. It was my first time attending this parade and it was so much fun! I know the girls will want to go again next year.

A Fit Mess

(Getting both children to look at the camera at the same time is nothing short of a miracle.)

The parade went from 10 am – 12 pm which I originally thought was a bit long for a parade, but there was so much to see – tons of floats and dance groups. It went by really quickly. Despite being told by several people that parking was plentiful, it took a very long time to find a spot to park. We ended up parking down a side street and walking a couple of blocks to the parade. I later found out that it was final exams for UNC and a lot of lots were reserved for students and faculty.

A Fit Mess

The girls were *really* excited to see Santa at the end of the parade. Funny story – I caught him scrolling through his phone while passing by and I gave him a menacing mom look. He smiled and waved at the girls and they were over the moon. Good save, Santa. Good save.

A Fit Mess

Side note to parents: this parade had A LOT of candy! Kids must be magnets for candy because the girls received a heck of a lot of candy. I gave them a few pieces and then tried my hardest to wave people away, but many of them thought I was trying to get their attention and ended up throwing more! Ha ha. Maybe I need to wear a sign next year that says, Please no candy!

A Fit Mess

Anyway, we had a great time and I’m glad we went. I definitely recommend this parade to any local friends. Despite the parking challenges, it wasn’t that crowded on the streets and everyone was very friendly.

Last week’s workouts

Monday – push day at home

dynamic warm up (jumping jacks, high knees, toe touches) and then 3 rounds of each:


  • 12 shoulder presses (seated on a stability ball)
  • 12 rear delt raises
  • 12 dumbbell front raises
  • 12 chest presses (on the ball)
  • 12 dumbbell lunges (each side)
  • 12 push ups
  • 12 calf raises (each side)


Tuesday – home workout (girls were sick so I was home)

TRX total body workout (I did 4 rounds of each super set)


Wednesday – 4 mile run outside


Thursday – Orangetheory

Run/row: 8 rounds of various distances and times. Decreasing distances for rows. This killleed me.

Strength floor:

Block 1:

  • 8 ultimate burpees, then decreasing reps (10/8/6/4) of the following:
  • bench presses (I used 30# DBs)
  • single leg jumps on the bench


Block 2:

  • 8 ultimate burpees, then 10 reps of each:
  • TRX pull ups
  • chest flyes


Block 3:

  • 8 ultimate burpees
  • TRX tricep extensions (10/8/6…)
  • jump squats to bench touch (10/8/6…)


Friday – REST


Saturday – Orangetheory


100 meter row -> 5 froggers

150 meter row -> 10 froggers

200 meter row -> 20 froggers

…and so on for time. I got up to a 450 meter row.


9 rounds of the following sequence: 45 seconds all out effort (sprinting), followed by a 45 second walking recovery. I was super excited that the last round I made it to 12 mph!


Block 1:

  • 20 speed skater jumps
  • 20 power jumping jacks (holding a 12# med ball)
  • 20 power sit ups (with 12# med ball)


Block 2:

  • 20 switch lunges
  • 20 tricep push ups (on med ball)
  • 20 Russian twists (seated)



I was planning on working out at home, but I fell asleep with the girls during their nap and just missed getting my workout in. I guess I needed the rest!


Have a wonderful week, friends!

Did you go to any holiday events this weekend?

Weekend top 10: the great outdoors, BBQ, and family time

November 7, 2016

Happy Monday! How are things? I hope your weekend was enjoyable. I’m popping in to share our top 10 highlights. Keep reading to see what did not make my list. ūüôā


Weekend top 10

1. ¬†An early morning sweat sesh…because I do consider getting my butt handed to me a highlight. ūüôā


2. ¬†Bean Trader’s¬†gluten-free muffins. We went with apple-cinnamon and raisin. The girls and I¬†loved them!

A Fit Mess

3. ¬†Picking out some fun holiday arts and crafts. Parents – painted ornaments make great gifts for grandparents. These were only 89 cents each at Michael’s.


4. Taking a 4 mile walk alone on Sunday [insert emoji hallelujah hands]. It was a beautiful morning and I decided to trade in my planned run for a walk. I listened to a few podcasts and made a couple of phone calls to my family.


5. Hiking the Hillsborough Riverwalk and visiting the Stickwork scuplture with our family. Seriously, this was amazing. The scuplture is made entirely of sugar maple, sweetgum, and elm saplings. If you are local, I highly recommend visiting this spot.



6. Hillsborough BBQ! We worked up an appetite with our hike and had an awesome meal at one of our favorite spots!


I ordered the farmer’s salad with turkey and it was really tasty.


And I stole several of Matt’s hush puppies. omg.


7. Notasium. Getting our groove on at this music-inspired play space. 


8. ¬†Sneaking out some of our Christmas decorations. I have to slowly put them out so Matt doesn’t notice. He thinks it’s too ealy for them. IT’S. NOT.

9. Making this paleo pumpkin coffee cake from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy. It was pretty good, but I may try adding banana next time to make it a bit more cake-y.


10. Enjoying some nice wine and relaxing with Shameless. Pretty hooked on the show, you guys.


Things that did not make my top 10:

  • Finding a GIANT wolf spider in our garage. It sprinted across the floor and it was so large I actually thought it was a mouse. Obviously, we’re moving.
  • Deep cleaning my entire downstairs (I hate cleaning!) only to smack my head on the top of an open cabinet. Ouch!
  • Daylight Savings Time. Sorry, but when you become a parent this is more of a curse than a blessing. Early risers become even earlier risers.


How was your weekend? Love or hate Daylight Savings Time?

Where I’ve been lately + weekend highlights

October 16, 2016

Hey there. Have you been wondering where I’ve been? I didn’t mean to disappear, but I have been super busy planning and managing an annual conference. It’s a second gig that I started doing several years ago. It kind of consumes my life every year and this week just passed in a blur. Thursday and Friday required 4:30 AM wake up calls and 15+ hour days.


I’m definitely glad it’s over and I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal routine.

The event went really well and I’m happy with how things turned out. I fueled myself on unlimited amounts of coffee…


And mostly healthy items.


Like a giant bowl of M&Ms.


Preparing for the event is physically demanding due to all the set up so even though I only lifted twice this week I don’t feel like I took much time off or set myself back at all. I was able to get in my usual Saturday morning workout at Orangetheory and I felt pretty good throughout the class. I used to hate it when I missed workouts and worry that I’d lose momentum, gain weight, or just be thrown off track, but I don’t beat myself up at all anymore. Life happens. You get busy, your priorities shift, but you get yourself back to your healthy habits.


Despite really wanting to take it easy on the weekend, I ended up running around for most of it. Saturday I worked out and came home to shower quickly and get ready for the day. We’ve been talking about getting the girls’ hair cut for about a month now (no joke) so I finally decided this was the weekend to do it. This was only the second time I have cut the girls’ hair, but Ashlyn desperately needed a trim and Madison’s hair was morphing into this toddler mullet that just had to go.


They did so well! Afterwards we walked over to Starbucks and grabbed a breakfast sandwich and drinks. There’s a fountain nearby so we walked around for a bit and then headed to the playground.


After another hour of playing we decided to grab some groceries before heading home for lunch.


I think the week must have caught up with me mid-Saturday because I just wanted to collapse on the couch. A little movie time and then I tried putting the girls down, but it wasn’t happening. Guys, I think my kids may be dropping their nap soon! NOOOOO!!!! So the girls had quiet time while dad and I rushed around cleaning (mostly him).


Later we took our bikes around for a bit – the weather was gorge!


We ended up getting sushi from Peony (BOGO!) and ended the night there.


Sushi + wine = my favorite way to end the day.

A Fit Mess

Today (Sunday) I have a massage at Hand and Stone (I went ahead and bought a membership) and I’m planning on running there since it’s only a couple of miles away. More errands, some online shopping, and run around with the girls. Should we a beautiful fall day!

Last week’s workouts:


4 rounds:

  • feet elevated push ups AMAP – I used a bench (I got 22, 22, 20, 20)
  • strict chin ups AMAP (I did 5, 5, 4, 4)


4 rounds:

  • DB external rotation on knee (12, 12, 12, 12)
  • AB rollouts (20 x 4)


5 rounds:

  • single leg squat to bench 10 per side


4 rounds:

  • 10 DB shoulder press (20 lbs.)
  • 10 DB row with elbow out (25 lbs.)


10 minutes of ab work (pull ins, reverse crunches, plank taps)



I didn’t have very long for a workout so I did this one from Julie Bauer.

5 RFT (round for time)

  • 400 meter run
  • 20 DB thrusters
  • 20 push ups with hands on dumbbells
  • 20 sit ups holding a DB


It felt so good to run without pain!


REST – tons of lifting, carrying, and moving around to set up for the event


REST – Day 1 of conference


REST – Day 2 of conference


Orangetheory – Endurance Day

Treadmill: 3 minute push / 90 second push / 1 minute push / 45 second push to 45 second all out / 30 second push to 30 second all out


  • 700 meter row then 2-3 rounds:
  • 10 frogger jump squats
  • 10 deadlifts to low row
  • 20 alternating supermans


Back to the treadmill for pushes at 2%, 4%, 5% inclines


  • 6 single arm snatches (each side)
  • 10 hamstring curls on the TRX
  • 30 alternating side heel touches


Treadmill round 3: all outs and sprints

Rowing: 1 minute push and 30 second all outs


Not sure, but most likely a run outside!


How was your week? What have you been up to?


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Weekend top 10

October 3, 2016

Hi friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was really good – we managed to squeeze in a ton of stuff! I’ve decided to do something a bit different today and share my top 10 highlights of the weekend. It’s nice to reflect on the good times you’ve had…especially when you are headed into a full work week. Am I right?


1.  Visiting Upchurch Farms with the girls.

North Carolina friends, Ganyard/Upchurch Farm is a must attraction for fall! We spent several hours here with the girls and they had a blast.

A Fit Mess

Tell me how cute these outfits from the girls’ nanny are? She always finds the¬†most adorable things!

2.  Getting in two awesome workouts.

Saturday I went to my usual Orangetheory class and it was killer. Sprints on an incline always make me hate life. And on Sunday I went to the Y and did an upper body/ab workout that left me with noodle arms. Don’t ask me what’s up with my poofy hair here.

A Fit Mess

3.  Making applesauce in the crockpot.

My sister showed me how to make applesauce¬†a few years ago and I find myself making it ALL THE TIME in the fall. It’s just apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin spice. Cook in the crockpot for 3 – 4 hours.

A Fit Mess

4.  Walking through a corn crib filled with nearly 100 million kernels of corn.

Oddly, it felt really good on my legs and feet.


Omg – this girl. ūüôā


5.  Taking our first hay ride with the girls and picking pumpkins right from the vine!

A Fit Mess

Maddie was pretty sure she could carry her own pumpkin. Ha!

A Fit Mess

6.  Having a much needed date night with Matt.

We went to dinner at City Kitchen (I ended up having the best sushi!) and then saw Masterminds at Silverspot. Um, going to the movies has certainly changed. Roomy, leather recliners, alcoholic beverages, and yummy treats!

A Fit Mess

7. Making almond butter blondies with the girls.

Luckily we didn’t mess up the recipe too much (Madison dumped nearly the entire container of salt into the bowl so naturally we compensated with extra chocolate chips). It was deeeelicious! It was my first¬†dessert¬†since beginning Whole30 and I was in heaven.

A Fit Mess

8. Getting the fall decorations out.

And then realizing I need more fall decorations.

A Fit Mess

9. Getting my new Beautycounter items in the mail.

I went with my favorite Nourishing Cream Exfoliator and a new Lip Gloss (I went with the peony shade). Verdict? LOVEEEEE. You can check out the entire Beautycounter line here.


10. Taking a walk with the girls on a mild/autumn day. LOVE FALL!


How was your weekend? What was one of your highlights?