Tuesday things {Day in the life}

March 15, 2017

Good morning! Yesterday was a full, but fun day with the girls. I thought it would be a good day to share as a Day in the Life post. This is a typical day for us when I am home with the girls.


5:45 am: My alarm went off several times before I eventually got up. I went downstairs and poured myself some coffee and settled into the couch. I reviewed my recent post and hit “publish”, answered some emails, and checked out social media.

6:30 am: Ashlyn came downstairs and we snuggled for a bit on the couch. I turned on a show for her and then I loaded the dishwasher and threw in a load of laundry.


7:00 am: Maddie is up and downstairs. The girls want a smoothie so I quickly make one using strawberries, bananas, yogurt, and almond milk. I also add a small scoop of nut butter and flaxseed.

7:30 am: The girls play while I make myself a protein pancake. After I took this pic I topped it with cinnamon and sunbutter. I also had some blackberries.

8:00 am: The girls have breakfast and we all sit at the table. I made them bacon, tortillas, beans, broccoli, and applesauce. Kind of random, I know.

Afterwards, the girls play a bit longer while I clean up the kitchen, answer a few emails, unload the dishwasher and fold the laundry.

9:30 am: We are all dressed and out the door. We are headed to Pump It Up, an indoor amusement place full of inflatables. On our way we share some Larabar bites. The mint chocolate is definitely my new favorite!

10:00 – 12:00 pm: The girls play for two hours before I eventually coerce them to leave. Next time I’m going to bring a book so I can sit and read while they play. They could have easily stayed for another hour.

12:30 pm: We are home and I make the girls a quick lunch of chicken and rice noodles, olives, and cucumbers.

I also make them some “ghost” popsicles (banana with nut butter rolled in coconut flakes.

I also reheat some leftovers for myself – chicken thighs, broccoli, and avocado.

2:00 pm: Ashlyn is down for her nap and Maddie has quiet time while I work. I start this post, make a few phone calls, and then have a couple of Fig Bars and some milk.

I think about doing a quick upper body workout, but I just can’t get motivated so I play with Maddie and we wait for sissy to wake up.


3:00 pm: My thredUp items arrive and I open the box to review the goods. The top is Lululemon ($14.99) and the shoes are Forever 21 and I think they were less than $10. Super cute. I love everything! If you haven’t tried thredUp then now’s the time. Use my referral link and get $10 to spend!

4:00 pm: Ashlyn is up and we have fun with Play-doh and coloring before the girls are hungry for dinner. I also fill the washing machine with more clothes and start another load of laundry.


5:00 pm: I make chicken tacos and peas for the girls. They also have an apple and some plantains.

Mommy has some wine and then I sit at the table and try to review our summer camp stuff. We are making some progress on the plans!


5:00 pm: After dinner the girls help me go through some of their baby clothing to give to a friend of Matt’s who is expecting a baby girl soon. They couldn’t believe they were once that small!

6:00 pm: Matt’s home from work and I am off to shower and get cleaned up. I eat leftover chicken tacos and coleslaw, prep our lunches (the girls and mine) and get the kitchen cleaned up.


7:00 pm: We let the girls watch a show on TV and I pick up the house.


7:45 pm: PJs, teeth, bedtime stories, sips of water, and then finally lights out. Matt and I settle in for some Netflix, we talk a bit, I foam roll, check email and text my sister for a while.


9:45 pm: In bed and lights out.

The End.



Round up of reader questions 2: staying motivated, healthy living, Orangetheory, and kids

October 28, 2016
A Fit Mess

Heyyyy. How did your week turn out? Everyone ready for the weekend festivities?! We have a parade and Halloween party on the horizon and I’ll be sweating it out at a class once or twice.


Today I wanted to answer a few reader questions. This is a mishmash of topics. Some of these I may have already answered via email or Facebook, but I thought it would be helpful to share my responses with you. If you have additional questions, please feel free to comment below or contact me directly.


Round up of reader questions 2


How do you stay motivated to exercise after having children?

Time and energy are two things you have very little of when you become a parent. My routine has changed significantly since having my kids. Now that I have others who depend on me, I can no longer spend as much time as I want at the gym or on a run…or anywhere, really. My workouts have to be planned and they have to be smart. Once I stopped thinking about exercise in the “traditional” sense (i.e., 60+ minutes running on the treadmill), I began to understand that there are better, faster, and more effective ways to train. Strength training, high intensity intervals, and body weight workouts got me in better shape than I was before having children. And it was easier to motivate myself to workout when I knew it would only take 20-30 minutes. Check out my workouts page for more of these exercises.


Other things that have helped me stay motivated include: putting my workouts on my calendar as if they were a real meeting, planning my workouts in advance, signing up for group classes, packing my gym bag the night before and leaving it by the door. I addressed some of these tips in this post.


How can I get my whole family on board with a healthier lifestyle?

I have to admit – I’ve never had to deal with this concern. Matt and I have always been on the same page when it comes to healthy eating habits (of course, we didn’t always eat the same things when I was a vegetarian). That being said, I often hear from others that their spouse won’t go along with a healthier meal plan or their kids will revolt if they try and feed them vegetables. This is where I think you need to take a tough love approach. If you are shopping/buying the groceries then YOU control what is going to be kept in the house.

Similarly, if you are preparing the meals then what you serve is what’s for dinner. This is really more for those of us with young kids. My kids throw a fit when I serve them certain veggies or even eggs (their preferences change by the hour). I try to be firm and tell them that that’s what we are having and they can take it or leave it. Sometimes they will eat it, other times they won’t, but at least they know our house isn’t restaurant. 🙂


Is diet or exercise more important?

I used to think it was exercise, but I also had a very different view of what activity actually constituted as exercise. Today, I believe that getting movement in every day is essential. That includes common activities like taking a walk, working in your garden, or playing in the yard with your kids. That being said, when it comes to living well and maintaining good health, your diet is more important. As the saying goes, “You can’t out train a bad diet.” If you aren’t nourishing your body well then all that effort you put into exercise is lost. You might want to read this interview with Matt. He addresses many of these things, too. You can’t always make it to the gym, but you do have control over what you eat each day.


Why don’t your children eat dairy?

Both my husband and I have issues digesting dairy. I’m lactose-intolerant and Matthew just avoids it in general. So we suspected the girls may have issues with it, too. We discovered very early on that Madison would have an eczema outbreak if she consumed dairy. Numerous times this would need to be treated with a prescription from her doctor. Both girls get mild digestive symptoms when they consume dairy so we avoid everything except yogurt and goat or sheep’s cheese. They seem to do fine with these items.


You manage to take Orangetheory classes regularly. How do you find the time to go?

I regularly make it to at least two classes per week. I take one evening class during the work week and one early morning class on the weekend. I wish I could go to more classes, but I don’t have the time in my schedule. I’ve already worked out my weekly evening class with Matt so he knows he is on kid-duty that night. And Saturday morning I go to their earliest class (7 AM) so I can get in and out before Matt leaves for work at 8:30 AM.


Are your twins fraternal or identical?



Where do you shop for your kids?

I get a lot of hand-me-downs from my sister (love you, sis!) who was thoughtful enough to save her kids’ clothing for me. Our nanny, my mother-in-law, and friends also give the girls many darling outfits. My favorite places to shop include Old Navy, Target, and ThredUP. I find Old Navy clothing to be good quality and stylish. They are constantly having sales, too, which can really save you big. I also love Target’s clothing section and the seasonal outfits it offers. We started using ThredUP a few month

s ago and I love getting the girls’ apparel there. I’ve purchased tops, bottoms, and shoes so far. Everything is in excellent or new condition. If you are interested in trying ThredUP, please use my affiliate link.

Friday faves 17

October 22, 2016

After a busy Saturday morning with the girls, I was able to sit down and write a Friday faves post for you. I have so many things to share with you. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s pretend it’s Friday, K?

Friday faves 17

Kentucky Knows Bourbon Barrel Coffee – This is probably the best-tasting coffee you will ever have. Yes, truly. Our friends brought us back some of this coffee from Kentucky Knows and we can’t get enough of it. The flavor is so, so good. And guess what? They now ship! You’re welcome.

A Fit Mess

Black Salt Caramel Bar – True story: I bought this to send in a package to someone else, but I was worried it would melt and break since it’s so thin. So, I did what anyone else would do…saved it for myself. It was absolutely amazing. The salt and caramel was such a delicious combination with the dark chocolate.

Black Salt Caramel Bar

Nature’s Path pumpkin spice waffles – I bought these for the girls, but I can’t help but steal several bites every time I make them. They taste like everything fall. I usually top them with coconut oil and a little almond butter.

pumpkin waffles

ThredUp – I have been shopping and selling with ThredUp for a couple months now and I’m sold. I have been so impressed with this company. Every item I have purchased so far is in excellent condition and exactly as pictured. They are constantly adding new items every day and it’s getting to the point where I may need to cut myself off for a bit. #cantstopwontstop. I recently snagged this sweater for $8! The picture below is of the back.

Hey, want to try ThredUp and get $10 to spend? Use my referral link!


Nordstrom – I swear, the absolute worst combination for me is wine and online shopping. I really need to quit that habit. I always end up buying things that I probably shouldn’t. But these boots.

Orangetheory OTbeat app – Orangetheory friends – did you know that the OTbeat app works outside of class? I paired the app with my heart rate monitor and wore in on an easy run the other day. It was so neat to see how well it worked. The app is free so you simply download it and it automatically captures your class totals and tracks your weekly/monthly calories, etc. Neat, huh?

A Fit Mess

All the sushi! Definitely my favorite food and something I feel like I can’t get enough of lately. I actually don’t like to choose my sushi rolls so I usually let Matt order for me. I can never seem to decide and the choices are overwhelming. The struggle is real.

All the sushi

Around the web

This pull up bar for my home – I want to work on my pull ups and chin ups and I’d be forced to if I had a bar staring at me in my doorway. I’ve started a Christmas list for myself and so far that includes three pieces of gym equipment – HA!

I’m dying over these UGG Ankle Boots for the girls.

The best workout wear for petite women (Hello, 5’1 here!)

I’m not sure whether I love tor loathe this calorie chart on Halloween candy. I don’t want to know!

These tasty Whole30 snack/lunch ideas – you had me at loaded guacamole sweet potato fries.

Athleta sale – 20% off now through 10/23. Use code EXTRA20…get it!


What are you loving lately? Have a fabulous weekend!

My first experience with thredUP

August 16, 2016

I recently started buying and selling with thredUP and I truly LOVE it! After hearing so many people rave about it, I decided it was time to check it out for myself. I want to share my experience with you guys because I think it will totally change the way you buy and sell clothing. For real.


Please note this is not a sponsored post. I’m sharing my honest feedback and all opinions are my own. If you would like to try thredUP for yourself you can use my referral link —> HERE and we both will receive $10 to spend! How awesome is that?


If you are not familiar with thredUP it’s an online consignment store that carries thousands of like-new clothing items for women and kids. You can find name brands discounted up to 90% off the retail price. It’s one of the simplest ways to sell unwanted clothing and liven up your wardrobe at the same time.


Selling items on thredUP

The process of selling items with thredUP was so,so simple. I was able to reduce the amount of clothing in my closet and recycle items that I no longer wore or didn’t fit. Some clothing I haven’t taken off the hanger in years; they were just taking up space. The best part? I didn’t even have to leave my house. The bag was picked up from my doorstep!

How it works:

  1. Order a Clean Out Bag online.
  2. Activate your bag’s reference code when it arrives.
  3. Fill up your bag and place it on your doorstep (or bring to a FedEx location).
  4. thredUp covers the shipping and pays you for every item they can resell.
  5. Anything they cannot accept will be returned to you or responsibly recycled!

A Fit Mess

The cash you earn can be used in several ways:

  • You can transfer the payment to your PayPal account.
  • Put can put your earnings towards store credit.
  • Donate your money to a worthy cause.


I appreciate that you are given a few options as to how you would like to use your earnings. I have sent two bags in now and both times I have requested store credit. It makes buying so much easier.

clean out summary

I sent it several items in my first bag and nearly 40% was accepted. This is consistent with the average amount of items the company accepts. I was notified when my bag was received and when it was processed. I was also given the opportunity to request any unaccepted items back. I was kept informed along the entire process from start to finish. Even though I requested up front payment, I am notified when any of my items sells. It’s kind of fun to see when items get picked up!

old navy top
I sent in this Old Navy Tank that I’ve only worn once or twice.


Buying on thredUP

Buying is fun and convenient! One thing I’ve missed since starting Stitch Fix is bargain hunting. thredUP has solved this problem by offering tremendous discounts every day. No need to go to the store or push through crowds. You can do all your shopping online.

order confirmation

How it works:

  1. Search through thredUP’s online catalog by category or through their search box.
  2. Filter by style, size, condition (some are new with tags!).
  3. Checkout when you are ready and everything is shipped directly to you.
  4. There are often sales and customer promotions so you can even earn discounts on top of your savings.

Shipping was pretty quick. It took exactly 7 days for my items to arrive. In order to keep shipping prices low thredUP uses Smart Post (a partnership between FedEx and USPS). Having two carriers involved can sometimes delay the arrival time, but it wasn’t an issue for us. If you need items right away then you should upgrade to expedited shipping.

A Fit Mess

Getting the polkadot package in the mail is super fun. The girls liked unwrapping everything and seeing what they got.

A Fit Mess

For my first purchase I bought 4 children’s tops. They are totally adorbs! All were in like-new condition. Two of them even had tags on them. With the exception of the denim top everything was $4!

BlueZoo Short Sleeve T Shirt
BlueZoo Short Sleeve T Shirt
Crazy 8 Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt 3T
Crazy 8 Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt 3T
Circo Tank Top 3T + Old Navy Tank 3T
Circo Tank Top 3T + Old Navy Tank 3T


My girls were good sports about modeling the clothing. Maddie loved the toucan top!


This button down shirt from Crazy 8 is my favorite. It’s so stinkin cute with the ruffle cap sleeves and the front tie. It still had tags on it and it was only $7! The skirt was a gift from my MIL. It’s from OshKosh B’gosh. Seriously love the whole outfit and kind of want it in my size.


My loves! I mean how CUTE. <3


There you have it! I’ve really enjoyed my experience with thredUP so far and I know it will soon become our favorite way to shop for kids clothing!


Have you tried thredUP? What’s been your experience so far? 

Isn’t shopping online THE BEST?