Friday faves 24 + Postmates giveaway!

March 25, 2017

Hey there. Happy weekend! I’m a bit late getting my Friday Favorites post to you (that seems to be the trend lately). I’m sipping on some coffee while the girls play and soon we are headed out to see Beauty and the Beast with my girlfriend. Hoping it’s not too dark and scary for them. Also hoping they share their popcorn with me. ūüôā Okay, let’s get into it!


Friday faves 24


Dermalogica total eye care –¬†I have been using this eye cream for years and I loooovve it. It works really well to hide under eye circles and diminish¬†fine lines. I wear it everyday and I can’t say enough about it. It’s a bit pricey, but you can usually find discounts if you shop around. Amazon carries it fairly cheap.

A Fit Mess

Trader Joe’s GF buttermilk pancake and waffle mix –¬†I bought this the other day to make drop biscuits for the girls’ class. It worked really well and the biscuits turned out great. I haven’t tried to make pancakes or waffles with it yet, but I’m sure they’re delicious.

TJ’s single serving packages of guacamole – I love these! They are so easy to toss into your lunch bag or purse. They are the perfect portion size, too.

D3 Excellence by Poliquin Group –¬†Vitamin D is essential¬†for bone and immune health and blood sugar regulation. I take one soft gel daily (5,000 IU) during the colder months. It’s currently on sale ($21.50) through March 31!

This total medicine ball workout – I made a few modifications (I’m not coordinated enough to do figure eights with a ball), but kept the workout basically the same. It was quick and dirty and one I will definitely do again.

A Fit Mess

KT tape – One month into CrossFit and my body is feeling a bit banged up. My hands and wrists, in particular, are feeling sore and achy. I’ve started wrapping my hands a bit with KT tape and it has really improved my grip. I’m hoping that this will provide a bit more support through my workouts.

And now an awesome Postmates giveaway!

Here’s a BIG offer from Postmates for anyone looking to try the service. Use my code 9ktcg and get $100 in delivery fee credit to use on your first few orders! Limited time offer.¬†

Have a great weekend, friends!

Friday faves 23 (on a Sunday)

March 19, 2017

Hey, hey! Happy weekend to YOU! I know I’m late getting my Fridays Faves posted. It’s been a busy week. We can just go ahead and pretend today is Friday (wouldn’t that be lovely?) or you can accept my tardiness. Anywho, I have some fun things to share in this post. I would love to hear what you are enjoying¬†these days.


Friday (errr…Sunday) faves 23


Larabar bites mint chocolate truffle – Oh my word, these are delicious! I cannot stop snacking on them. They definitely satisfy my sweet tooth.

Yasso frozen Greek yogurt bars – the chocolate chip cookie dough ones are my favorite!

A Fit Mess

Did you know that wine now comes in cans? Union Wine Co. sells cans of its Underwood wine in select local stores. I have not tried these yet, but I am super curious. Anyone have these?

My new glasses – I’ve decided I like them (even if I had a bad experience buying them). You can’t really see it, but there is a faint¬†green on the inside and arms.

Vanilla almond overnight oats – I’ve had this almost every day this week. Soooo good.

ThredUP – Shopping just got easier (and cheaper!). ThredUp carries secondhand clothes that look like new. I’ve had such a great time buying and selling with ThredUP. And I love that they show you how much you’ve saved in each shopping trip!

Survival and Cross jump rope – Double unders may end up being the death of me. They take sooooo much coordination and I get frustrated when I can’t do them. I manage to string a few together, but I think I just need to practice them more. I’m going to buy this jump rope to try to work on it outside of CrossFit. Anyone have any good tips to share?


Great Lakes collagen – I’ve been enjoying this in my coffee each morning. It’s nearly tasteless and is a great way to increase joint health and up your protein intake.

From around the web:

This visual coffee guide so you always know what to order. Love.

Three cheers for almond flour (these recipes look divine).

I love this total body med ball workout!

I will be making this next week for dinner.


Enjoy your Sunday! 


Friday faves 22

February 24, 2017

Happy Friday! Yay – we made it. How did the week turn out for you? Please tell me it was good! I’m diving in with some Friday favorites and fun things to share.


Friday faves 22


Jojoba oil – I have been using this a lot as a moisturizer for my face and hands. I love the slightly nutty smell and it feels great on my skin. I also use it to remove eye makeup (add a small amount to a cotton ball). Trader Joe’s carries it on the cheap, but you can find it just about anywhere.

A Fit Mess

This “papa” shirt my sister gifted to the girls. Madison is modeling her blue steel look below. This girl kills me.

A Fit Mess

All the 4T clothes ever made (courtesy of my sister). She’s the best. Seriously, this picture is only about half of the clothes she brought. It took us forever to sort through it all. No lie.

A Fit Mess

Nail Stop: My sister and I took her girls to have mani-pedis done while they were here visiting. This place is so neat that I had to share for any local friends. First of all, it’s huge! There is a separate kid’s area as well as a private room for groups. There’s also an espresso/coffee bar and cocktail bar for adults. Perfect, right? Highly recommend!

A Fit Mess

Here’s the darling kid’s section.

A Fit Mess

This giant Mama NEEDS SOME coffee mug. #truth

A Fit Mess

I had some photos taken with Amelya Jayne Photography and I am super happy with how they turned out. I’ve added them to my Workouts and About Me pages. Is there anything more awkward than having your picture taken?

Location: Carpe Diem Personal Training

The pizza Matt makes is honestly the best! We had it last week, but I’m still dreaming about it. The crust is from Julie Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook, but he does his own sauce and toppings. This one had a little Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top and roasted broccoli.

A Fit Mess

Cousin love! <3 Such cuties!

Warm weather treats. The girls have been asking for “ice cream” a lot lately. I think we are all looking forward to spring!

A Fit Mess


Fun/interesting links:

Want to try CrossFit? Here’s what you need to know.

Women like to compete against themselves: I found this NYT article interesting from a professional standpoint, but also from a fitness focus. I love competing against my past performance – it matters more to me that what others may be doing.

Chocolate covered vegan cookie dough bars – a long title, but looks soooo yummy!

This deadlift video demo that Matt shared with me (I love him because he sends me power lifting videos during the day).


What are you loving lately?

P.S. I did my first official CrossFit class yesterday and I am stupid sore today. Everything hurts.



Friday faves 21: supplements, sweets, and some really cute valentines

February 10, 2017

Hello Friday! It was a cold, gray day here in Chapel Hill and I’m settling in on the couch with some wine. The perfect end to a busy week! I hope you have some fun plans lined up this weekend. We don’t have much going on which I am more than fine with.


Let’s get into my latest loves, shall we? Here are some of the things I’m enjoying right now…


Friday faves 21

Honey lemon ginseng and matcha tea from Celestial Seasonings –¬†I am not a hot¬†tea person. If I’m drinking tea, it’s iced. Matt picked up some green tea at the store the other day and I’m totally into the honey lemon ginseng green tea. It’s actually quite soothing and I love the flavor. Haven’t tried the matcha one, but will do so next!

A Fit Mess

JP’s Pastry cookies – I have to laugh at this pic. Here’s a wrapper for you guys. Well, I would have taken this picture sooner had I not immediately stuffed the cookie in my face.¬†It was delicious. JP’s Pastry¬†is an online gluten-free pastry company located in the Raleigh-Durham area. I picked this up at a recent trip to Coco Bean Coffee and I (obviously) loved it!

Having a random weekday lunch with these two cuties. We LOVE Moe’s! #alltheguac #allthetacos

L-Glutamine, BCAA, Uber C powder – I have been taking all three of these supplements post workout and I love the combo. The Uber C powder is great for boosting the immune system during the cold and flu season.

How cute are these lunch bags from Wildkin? They come in a dozen different designs. Madison chose the mermaids and Ashlyn went with the robots. Love their individual styles!

On the topic of lunches – I picked up a few of these lunch blox containers by Rubbermaid to pack cold items in for the girls. They’re great because they have a divider in them and they were only $5 at Target.

These Paleo vanilla bean cupcakes look perfectly divine! I’ll be making them for a Valentine’s Day party at M & A’s school on Monday.

RUNNING! For the most part, our weather here has been mild. I’ve enjoyed a lot of great days outside. <3

I do think I need these ‘Live In’ leggings from Zella, thank you very much!

How darling are these Valentine’s Day cards? I was going to let the girls pick theirs out, but then…

A Fit Mess

I recently loaned my copy of The Whole30 cookbook to my girlfriend and it reminded me how much I love the recipes and cooking instructions in it. It’s seriously a great resource whether you are doing W30 or not.

Wings! These are a tad healthier because they are baked Рnot fried. And ohhhhhsooogood.

Study shows running four hours after learning improves long term memory. I wish I knew about this when I was studying for exams in college!


You’re turn…what are you loving these days?