#MotivationalMonday: 30 minute circuit training workout

February 12, 2017

Hey there! Happy Sunday, friends. I know I’m a day early with this post, but I wanted to send it in advance in case you wanted to give it a try tomorrow.


One thing that helps me stick to my planned workouts for the week is to try to never miss a Monday. I find that if I start my week off with a workout then I’m more likely to continue with the positive momentum. Plus, if things come up during the week and I need to miss a day here or there then I don’t stress about it.


Today I’m sharing a quick 30 minute circuit you can do anywhere. It’s sure to get your booty sweating and your heart rate up. The great thing about this circuit is it’s totally customizable. If you only have 20 minutes then just do two rounds. If you’ve got more time, then go for the full 30 minutes. Just find some floor space and set a timer (I like the Gymboss app because it’s free and you can play music directly from iTunes) and GO!


A few notes:

  • This is meant to be a high intensity interval workout. The 45 seconds “on” should be a max effort followed by 15 seconds of complete rest.
  • If you are unable to do any of the exercises then feel free to modify the movements (i.e., push ups can be done on your knees, switch jumps can be walking lunges, etc.). Do what’s right for you.
  • Talk with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.


Wouldn’t this be a fun partner workout? Find your sweetie or your best workout bud and get moving together!




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Lower body bodyweight workout + dislocating your ribs is not fun

December 30, 2016

About a week before Christmas I thought I pulled a muscle in my back. I’m not sure what caused it exactly–I didn’t notice it happen and I didn’t fall, but I remember feeling really sore after my workout. Thinking I might have just overdid it I backed off from lifting and focused on lower body and running. The pain lessened a bit and then got worse. I wasn’t making a big deal out of it at first, but eventually the pain got so bad that even taking a deep breath hurt. I felt a sharp pain that wrapped around my back and I started getting worried that it was something more than a pulled muscle. Matt encouraged me to get in to see a chiropractor right away and, luckily, I was able to set an appointment a few hours later.


Fast forward to my appointment, I learned that I dislocated a few of my back ribs. Um, huh? I assumed that dislocating your ribs happened if you got hit or fell. Apparently, it is more common than I thought. The biggest indication is when you have pain while taking a deep breath. Sometimes you will have bruising, swelling, or a lump, but I didn’t have any of those symptoms. After a rather uncomfortable adjustment, my ribs were put back in place. Seriously, it sounded like he was crushing egg shells. 🙂


I’m feeling quite a bit better, but I’m really sore and achy (I was adjusted on Wednesday). I’m told the soreness should last up to 5 days. The chiropractor told me to avoid pulling and any compound back/shoulder exercises or anything that could compromise the integrity of the ribs. Running and lower body work are fine to incorporate. Because I’ve been feeling all sorts of holiday indulgences right now I created a quick lower body workout to do at home.


Lower Body Bodyweight Workout

This workout takes about 20 minutes and can be done anywhere. It requires no equipment – all you need is a body. 🙂 Note that there are 15 reps for each side. Meaning, you’ll perform 15 forward lunges on the left and then 15 on the right. Alternatively, you could just alternate sides and complete 30 reps total. Let me know what you think!


A Fit Mess


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Have you ever dislocated or bruised your ribs? It is NO kind of fun.  

20 Minute Tabata + last week’s workouts

July 19, 2016

Hello! How is it not Thursday yet?! I quickly want to thank you all for the kind words, support, and funny comments you offered after Monday’s post. I’m never really sure how much of my life to share, but I’m glad I wrote yesterday’s post because it’s obvious you struggle with the same things, too!


Well I have a great way to let off some steam when you have one of those days…TABATA! Yes, there is nothing that sets your mind right like a workout (except maybe wine…and Netflix).


What is Tabata training?

Tabata training involves high intensity intervals with very specific work to rest ratios. You’ll train in an elevated energy state since the workouts are typically shorter (usually anywhere from 4 minutes to 20 minutes). The workout is characterized by 20 seconds of work at a max effort pace (as hard or fast as possible), followed by 10 seconds of rest (no work at all). Twenty seconds may not seem like a long time, but when you are going all out it can seem like an eternity. I love this particular workout because you can do it anywhere! Enjoy.


20 Minute Tabata

Exercise instructions / demos

Plank jacks / push ups

switch lunges / plank jumps in & out

dips / skater jumps

v-ups / frog hops

lying leg raises / jump rope


Last week’s workouts

I’ve been feeling really great with my workouts lately. I’m still scaling back in running because my shins have been bothering me, but I am focusing a lot on strength and hope to build up my ankle and calf strength to help with some of my pain. I also squeezed in my very FIRST Pure Barre class!


Monday – back + abs


super set (3 rounds)

  • 15 wide grip lat pull down
  • 15 underhand lat pull down


working set + active rest (3 rounds)

  • 15 1 arm dumbbell rows
  • 15 exercise ball pull ins


super set (3 rounds)

  • 15 seated cable rows
  • 15 v-ups



  • bent over row 3 x 15
  • mountain climbers 3 x 20
  • alternating bicep curl 3 x 20
  • dips 3 x 12
  • preacher curl 3 x 12
  • push ups 3 x 12
  • overhead tricp extension 3 x 12
  • mountain climbers 3 x 20
  • dumbbell pull overs 3 x 12
  • bicycle crunches 3 x 25


Tuesday – shoulders + cardio


super set (3 rounds)

  • 15 incline dumbbell press
  • 15 dumbbell shoulder press


super set set (3 rounds)

  • 15 lateral raises
  • 15 DB upright rows


super  set (3 rounds)

  • 15 dips
  • 15 knee raises


super set (3 rounds)

  • 15 push ups
  • 15 wood choppers


cardio: sprints 15 minutes (30 seconds on / 30 seconds off)


Wednesday – home workout (I put the TV on and did this next to the girls in the living room)

Hamstrings, glutes, calves


super set:

  • leg curls on the ball 3 x 15
  • DB lunges 3 x 15 (each side)


super set:

  • single leg deadlift 3 x 15
  • goblet squat 3 x 15


super set:

  • one leg squat on the bench 3 x 15
  • single leg curl on the ball 3 x 10 (each side)


super set:

  • standing calf raise 3 x 20
  • glute bridge on the floor 3 x 30




Orangetheory class


Friday – REST




Orangetheory class




Pure Barre class (Review coming soon!)


Do you prefer cardio or strength right now? Love or hate Tabatas? How do you blow off steam?

4 on the 4th: upper body home workout

July 1, 2016
A Fit Mess

Hey everyone! Since most gyms are closed on the holiday I thought I’d share a fun (and festive) upper body workout you can do at home. All you need is a pair of moderate to heavy dumbbells. Complete each round 4 times without stopping before moving on to the next.

And, be sure to check out my Pinterest page for more at home workout ideas.