Breaking away + last week’s workouts

April 2, 2017

Hello there! Happy Sunday to you. We’re all packed up and ready to leave for Mexico tomorrow. Our flight leaves around 6:20 A.M. so our day is going to start mightttyyyy early. Matt and I are excited and a little nervous to leave the girls, but they are happy to get to spend so much time with Grandma and Grandpa so we know they will have a great time. Plus, we promised them presents when we return (no shame over here about bribes!).


I’ve packed lots of dresses, suits, and workout clothes. All about comfort for me!

I am planning on totally unplugging while we are away so that I can really enjoy our time together. I picked up a couple of books to read while we are travelling and I’m excited to crack them open.

We are going to miss these babies like CRAZY! Love my sweet girls. 🙂

Anywho, I’ll be back in a week with photos to share. I hope you guys have a great week and stay healthy and happy. As always, thanks for reading my little blog!


Last week’s workouts


CrossFit Sua Sponte

1)  3 rounds for total reps:

1:oo minute max effort back squats – I used #75 and completed the following reps: 16, 15, 17

2)  4 rounds for total burpee box jumps of:

3:00 minutes to run 200 meters and then max burpee box jumps (20″ box) in remaining time -> 1:00 minute rest. My burpee box jumps were between 25-30 each round. This workout was CRAZY hard!







Partner Workout


1st person begins on rower and rows 1,000 meters while the other person runs at a push pace at 1% incline. Then switch places and the other person rows 1,000 meters while the other runs at a push pace. Continue this sequence, dropping the row by 250 meters each time and adding 1% incline to the run. So, each person would row 750, then 500, and finally 250 meters. The incline would be +1% each round.



1st partner performs the following set while the other partner rows:

  • 8 chest presses (I used 30# DBs)
  • 8 low rows (I used 25# DBs)
  • 8 lateral raises (15# DBs)
  • 16 plank up downs


Goal: 5,000 meters or more; my partner and I got to 5,300 thanks to her long legs. 🙂



CrossFit Sua Sponte


1) Gymnastics Tests:

  • 3 min AMRAP arch ups (or “supermans”)
  • Rest 1 min
  • 3 min AMRAP hollow rock hold with pvc overhead (holy hard!)
  • Rest 1 min
  • 3 min AMRAP ring lockout hold


13 Minute AMRAP:

  • 8 strict supinated pull ups
  • 16 thrusters 35#
  • 24 split jumps




I wasn’t planning on going to class on this day, but my evening opened up and I was able to squeeze it in. It did not feel that great, mostly because I was feeling tired from Thursday’s WOD. The strength floor looked like this:

Round 1:

  • 45 second bench hop overs, then 2-3 rounds of:
  • 16 DB thrusters
  • 12 plank jacks


Round 2:

  • 45 second bench hop overs, then 2-3 rounds of:
  • 12 DB curls
  • 12 split jumps


Round 3:

  • 45 second bench hop overs, then 2-3 rounds:
  • 12 DB high rows
  • 12 leg raises




3 group workout

Strength floor (block 1):

  • 30 seconds DB squat to overhead press
  • 30 seconds skier swings
  • 30 seconds push up to bird dog
  • Repeat 2x


Strength floor (block 2):

  • 30 seconds bentover low row
  • 30 seconds tricep overhead press
  • 30 seconds of mountain climbers
  • Repeat 2x



4 mile run + 1 mile walk




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