Low energy + focus issues: How to naturally boost your energy levels

A Fit Mess
March 23, 2017

Hey there. How’s it going today? Happy almost-Friday-almost-the-weekend. I hope you are doing well.


I’m not sure what it is, but lately I have been feeling out of sorts. Maybe it’s adjusting to Daylight Savings, maybe it’s work, or maybe I’m just feeling worn out (seriously, vacation can’t come soon enough!). Whatever the reasons, I’ve been feeling low—both mentally and physically—and that’s just not me.


I don’t know about you, but when I feel my energy and mood drop I tend to reach for two things: coffee and sugar. And while I’m a big (BIG) fan of coffee, I find that if I have more than three cups per day I get the shakes and have trouble sleeping at night. And I’m sure I’m alone in my habit of reaching for M&Ms and trail mix when I start feeling a bit blah. That temporary sugar high inevitably leaves me feeling crappy and low.


In order to combat some of the sluggishness I’ve been feeling lately I’ve rounded up a list of all the natural ways I like to boost my energy levels. These may be especially helpful if you work in an office setting (cube-dweller right here!) and often find yourself in the mid-afternoon funk. I hope you find these beneficial, friends!

A Fit Mess


Citrus and peppermint

Citrus is great for revitalizing energy. I keep a small bottle of sweet orange essential oil on my desk and put a few drops on my wrists when I need a quick pick-me-up. You can also rub it between your hands (the heat releases the oil) and take a few deep breaths. It’s a bright and fresh scent that really gives me some extra energy. I also love this Tuscan Blood Orange body lotion by Pacifica.

Peppermint can also be used to recharge and can be found in items like oils, diffusers, candles.


Rosewater spray 

One of my favorite ways to wake-up is with this Nourishing Rosewater Mist by Beautycounter. It’s light, refreshing and just delightful. I spray it a few times over my face whenever I need a little energy or want to boost my complexion. I especially love to use it after the work day or when I’m travelling and have been stuck in an airplane or car. It smells amazing, too.


Green tea

Green tea is a great alternative to coffee. I’ve been sipping on this honey lemon ginseng one by Celestial Seasonings and it’s by FAR my favorite. I do not consider myself a tea person by any stretch of the word, but I make an exception with this one because it’s very mild and slightly sweet. Green tea contains a small amount of caffeine as well as other health benefits (such as increased metabolism and better body composition). I enjoy a cup at my desk a few times per week.


Get outside

If you’ve hit that mid-day energy slump, get up from your desk and head outside. Even a 10 minute walk around your office building (or neighborhood) will do your body some good. The sun is a natural energy booster. On top of that, fresh air and a change of scenery are extremely beneficial. If I’m facing a mental block or need to generate some ideas, taking a short stroll always get my creative juices flowing.

Drink water!

One of the biggest causes of feeling sluggish is often dehydration. This feeling is typically accompanied by a headache, muscle tension, and mental fog. It’s hard to remember to drink water (I struggle with this myself), but keeping a water bottle on you at all times is a simple way to remember to drink up. Plus, there are about a million other reasons to drink more water.


Talk to someone

Usually a quick call to my sister or a friend will bring me back up to normalcy. If my energy is low at work then I’ll take a walk around the office and chat with a few colleagues. The simple act of engaging in a conversation with another person is a great way to get my spirits up. Most of my conversations include a bit of laughter (what can I say, I love humor!) so I really enjoy connecting with others.


Break a sweat

Getting a quick workout in recharges my battery like nothing else. Breaking a sweat, lifting heavy things, even just stretching is an excellent way to bring energy levels back up and set you on the right path. Of course, it may take some extra motivation to get you out the door, but when I’m feeling low I tell myself to just run for 20 minutes or stretch for 10 minutes. Often I end up doing more because once I’ve started to move I feel better and keep going.

Need some quick workout ideas? Check out my Workouts page.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for reading!



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