Last week’s workouts + the hardest CrossFit WOD to date + we all have to start somewhere

March 12, 2017

Hi friends. How was your weekend? We had a little sprinkle of snow Sunday morning and by noon it was all melted. It looked pretty when it was falling, but I’m glad it didn’t stay. Snow in Chapel Hill means everything basically shuts down for days, including schools.


Our weekend was mellow, but we got to visit with friends and family, which was nice. Cooking and cleaning (the usual) for most of the weekend, so nothing exciting to report. Just lots of chill time, coffee, and snuggles.

I had a really great week of workouts despite crushing my knuckles on a wooden box at CrossFit and then breaking my toe when I was at home on Saturday (more on that below). Here’s what my workouts looked, what I enjoyed, and what I wish I had done differently.


Last week’s workouts


CrossFit SS

1) 3 back squats EMOM for 10 minutes (I used 85#)

2) Metcon – alternating EMOM for 16 minutes

  • Even minutes: perform the following reps of shoulder to overhead press (I push pressed the weight and used #40-45 I think): 3,6,9,12 and then 3,6,9,12


  • Odd minutes: perform 10 box jump overs (I used a 20″ box) *this is where I smashed my hand on the wooden box when I was jumping. It was bleeding quite a bit and my hand hurt for several days, but it feels much better now.





CrossFit SS

1) 4 Rounds for reps of:

  • 1:00 ME strict pull ups
  • :30 rest
  • 1:00 ME V-ups
  • :30 rest
  • 1:00 ME tall box jumps (NO REBOUNDING) I used a 20″ box and added a 15# plate to the top
  • :30 rest


2) 18 Minute AMRAP:

  • 25 burpee box step ups (I used a 20″)
  • 100m right arm KB farmers carry 35# KB
  • 75 double unders
  • 100m left arm KB farmers carry 35# KB


*This was officially the hardest CrossFit WOD I have done to date. After the first three rounds of pull ups, v-ups, and box jumps I felt like that should have been the entire workout. The movements were deceiving difficult and got harder as fatigue set in. I was able to complete 2.5 rounds of the 18 minute AMRAP and completed just over 75 burpee to box step ups. I could barely walk the next day. This was definitely the most challenging workout so far and it felt really good to push myself. I realized I do much better with the gymnastic and endurance moves than I do with heavy weights and strength so I know exactly what I need to work on. And I was happy to RX the KB farmer’s carry!







*toe injury occurred after class when I was rushing to hop in the shower before company arrived. I smashed my middle toe on my bed post and the sound was horrible (like eggs cracking). My toe is blue and purple and it hurts like heck when I try to move it, but I taped it up pretty well.



I was planning on running today, but the snow and cold seemed less than appealing in the early morning so I headed indoors for my workout. I also didn’t want to put too much stress on my toe so I thought class would be better. It felt okay and I was very cautious with my movements.


What I liked about my workouts last week:

I have been craving group classes lately and it was great to get to three OTF classes and two CF sessions. I’m also really glad that I was able to include two rest days – especially given the high intensity workouts I have been doing lately. I think it’s extremely important to balance anything high impact with rest.


What I would have changed:

I’m not dedicating nearly enough time to stretching and recovery movements after my workouts. I used to be so committed to this, but I’ve gotten a bit lazy with it given my time constraints. I usually try to get in and out of class quickly to get home to the girls. I tell myself that I’ll stretch and foam roll at home, but then I get to the house and things are crazy and I forget. I am going to try to focus on getting some good stretching and rolling in at the end of the day since I know it’s really important to help balance my workouts and stay injury free.


Final thoughts:

I’ve been feeling out of my element at CrossFit. I’m learning SO much and many of the movements are either completely new to me or they’re ones I am used to doing, but are performed differently (for speed and efficiency). I still get a bit nervous driving to class and I feel awkward – super awkward – at times, but my coach keeps reminding me that “we all have to start somewhere.” This comment has really stuck with me and I find myself repeating it in my head at times. Sure, I feel awkward, sure I’m way behind everyone else in terms of knowledge, speed, and strength, but they were all where I was at one point. We all start out in the same place. And starting is the only way to achieve progress. So if you are feeling uncomfortable about starting something new or even going back to something that you’ve taken time off from, then just remember that we all need to start somewhere. We all need to take that first step forward. It can be scary, but it’s totally worth it!


Lots of love and thanks for reading!


What was your favorite or hardest workout last week?


  1. My hardest workout of the week was an Orangetheory “power” class that included ten 1 minute all outs on the treads…brutal.

    My “we all have to start somewhere” moment was signing up for an Orangetheory class last fall. I had been mostly sedentary for a few years after a couple of injuries and becoming a new parent and needed something to get me going again. I chose Orangetheory after reading this blog and love it. My favorite instructor, Jen, has picked up a day in CH so I highly recommend you try one of her classes. Once she gets to know you she’ll literally stand over your rower or tread and make sure you are going as hard as she knows you can go.

    1. wow – the power classes are always so tough! I love all the new strength movements we are doing now. I’m so glad you are enjoying OTF. And I recently took a class with Jen and I liked her a lot! She strikes me as someone who will make a point to follow up with you and push you to YOUR limit. Love it!

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