5 tips to stick to your weekly workouts

A Fit Mess
March 15, 2017

Hey guys. The weekend is just about here! If you’re currently dealing with Mother Nature, I hope you are staying safe and warm. Spring will be here soon, my friends!


I’m often asked how I continue to motivate myself to workout on a regular basis and commit to exercise while juggling kids and work. While I believe it has a lot to do with making fitness a priority, there are other factors involved with maintaining a focus on fitness. Today I’m sharing some of the ways I’ve learned to commit to my weekly workouts and stay motivated to exercise.


A Fit Mess

1. Plan, plan, plan!

Every Sunday I spend some time reviewing my calendar for the week ahead. Since I am old school, I  use my Kate Spade planner to keep track of all my appointments. In addition to scheduling my work commitments, school events, and personal appointments, I make sure to plan my workouts for the upcoming week. While I typically stick to the same schedule/classes, sometimes I will have a conflict and need to restructure my days so that I can squeeze in a CrossFit class, home workout, or a run. But I have found that I am MUCH more likely to stick to my weekly workouts if I take some time to plan in advance.


2. Pay (and sign up) for classes and training in advance.

This works really well if you plan to attend group classes during the week. Most studio around here fill up fast and you need to sign up ahead of time to secure your spot. This has the added benefit of keeping you accountable since there is often a penalty or fee for cancelling within a certain window of time. Additionally, if you have a gym membership or a personal trainer, paying for both up front will keep you committed. I wouldn’t want to waste money on an unused gym membership and I sure as heck wouldn’t want to lose a training session.


3. Block the time on your calendar.

I can’t stress this one enough! Schedule your workouts ahead of time and treat them as you would any other appointment. Try your best to keep every appointment you make. Of course, things come up and you may need to miss a workout here or there, but your scheduled time should be valued in the same way as you would a work meeting or doctor’s appointment. And if you have the time blocked on your calendar then you are more likely to honor that appointment.


A Fit Mess


4. Find friends and coaches that will keep you accountable.

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to workout on your own, try to partner up with friends, family, or colleagues. Personally, if I know others are relying on me then I’m less likely to skip. Similarly, I know that my CrossFit coaches would start to notice if I did not show up for my usual classes (I hear that’s pretty typical in the community). Having trainers/coaches who will keep you accountable (and lay on the guilt!) is great for motivation and encouragement.


5. Practice gratitude.

It’s easy to take movement for granted. Sometimes we get caught up in a routine and forget how fortunate we are to be active. I’ve been injured numerous times, and at one point I was told I would probably never run pain-free again. All that has changed for me and I’ve been able to workout and run on a regular basis (and pain-free) for quite a while now. Sometimes I still get emotional while running when I look back on those days when I couldn’t do anything without pain. I try to remind myself that movement is a gift and to remain deeply grateful for what my body can do.

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