Time flies + weekend happenings + workouts

Hello, friends! How are you? Are you ready for the Super Bowl? That last sentence was totally fake…I’m not into football at all, but I will watch the commercials and eat all the snacks. Duh.


I’m checking in Sunday afternoon with a recap of the last few days. The weather here has been wild. We woke up this morning to sleet and by the afternoon it was 60 degrees. Crazy, huh? I am ready for spring already.


Our week and weekend have been busy, busy. The girls celebrated their last day at their school (tear) on Thursday. We were able to get them started in a new preschool that would transition into pre-K this fall so we jumped on the opportunity to begin a bit earlier. No one is more anxious about the new school than I am. The girls seem fairly excited and also a bit nervous. I am so grateful they have each other during this time. I feel at ease knowing they will be together. Fingers crossed we all adapt to a new routine and schedule.


I swear, these two have grown so fast. I can’t even believe my eyes.

This picture was taken one year ago…

And here they are now…

I’m sorry, but what have you done with my babies?!

The girls and I celebrated at Whole Foods over gluten-free cupcakes. Verdict? Obviously delish!

Friday involved bringing the girls to work with me. I’m home with M & A on Fridays, but I had to deliver some things to the office and pick up a few project items. We weren’t there that long, but the girls got to see where I work (Ashlyn told me it was “boring”– haha) and they had the chance to meet my co-workers. They brought art work for some of my colleagues despite not knowing who they were. So sweet.

Afterwards we went to Foster’s for lunch. I forgot how much I love this place! It’s a very relaxed environment and the girls can spread out and be silly without me feeling like I’m disturbing people. I don’t feel like there are enough of those open seating places where families can relax and just hang out. If you have suggestions, please let me know!

Someone’s happy about her sandwich! 🙂

Saturday I got together with a friend in the morning and then Matt and I took the girls to Defy Gravity. Love it – what a great concept. Exercise for the kids and parents are basically guaranteed their littles will take a nap later. Win-win! The one thing I wish they had here is a cafe or snack bar. My kids seem to get famished instantly.

Lost in the foam pit. I am fairly certain Ashlyn will be on American Ninja Warrior someday.

Later on I ran a few errands and then picked up sushi from one of our favorite local spots. Neither one of us felt like making dinner. However, I rallied later and baked two batches of almond butter blondies. Have you made these yet? I’m sure I’ve shared this recipe before, but it’s seriously the best. Julie knows how to bake.

After the girls went to bed we watched Aziz Ansari on Netflix (omg, this guy is hilarious!). Honestly, after a day filled with toddlers there is nothing better than laughing while nestled up on the couch.


Sunday sleet meant a lazy morning with gluten-free french toast, warm berry compote, scrambled eggs, and copious amounts of coffee.

Bathrobes = the best, right? Girl after my own heart.

Later that day we visited a family friend (also the girls’ nanny) and then I went for a run in the beautiful sunshine. I’m managed to cover 20 miles this week and couldn’t be happier about it. Funny side note: during my run I got nailed in the chest with a tennis ball that someone threw to their dog. It was actually quite hilarious and the woman who hit me felt bad, but I couldn’t stop laughing thinking about how funny that must have looked. I’m proud to say that while I did slow down, I didn’t stop running when that happened. 😉


Last week’s workouts:

Monday – @ home workout

5 rounds:

  • chin ups (reps: 5, 4, 4, 4, 3)
  • push ups (reps: 15, 20, 15, 15, 15)


4 rounds:

  • lateral band walks (25 each side)
  • spiderman planks (40 total)


4 rounds:

  • band overhead presses (20 reps)
  • band high pulls (20 reps)



Rest – 30 minutes of yoga and stretching



6 mile run (7:50 pace->speedy!)






6 mile run (7:58 pace)



Orangetheory – Strength Day

Treadmill work included various pushes on alternating inclines. Floor work included a lot of deadlifts, squats, and step ups (seriously, my favorite movements all in one workout!)

I covered about 3 miles on the treadmill.



5 miles (7:58 pace)


Okay, your turn. How was your weekend? Tell me a highlight! 

Ever get hit with something while running?





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