#MotivationalMonday: 30 minute circuit training workout

February 12, 2017

Hey there! Happy Sunday, friends. I know I’m a day early with this post, but I wanted to send it in advance in case you wanted to give it a try tomorrow.


One thing that helps me stick to my planned workouts for the week is to try to never miss a Monday. I find that if I start my week off with a workout then I’m more likely to continue with the positive momentum. Plus, if things come up during the week and I need to miss a day here or there then I don’t stress about it.


Today I’m sharing a quick 30 minute circuit you can do anywhere. It’s sure to get your booty sweating and your heart rate up. The great thing about this circuit is it’s totally customizable. If you only have 20 minutes then just do two rounds. If you’ve got more time, then go for the full 30 minutes. Just find some floor space and set a timer (I like the Gymboss app because it’s free and you can play music directly from iTunes) and GO!


A few notes:

  • This is meant to be a high intensity interval workout. The 45 seconds “on” should be a max effort followed by 15 seconds of complete rest.
  • If you are unable to do any of the exercises then feel free to modify the movements (i.e., push ups can be done on your knees, switch jumps can be walking lunges, etc.). Do what’s right for you.
  • Talk with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.


Wouldn’t this be a fun partner workout? Find your sweetie or your best workout bud and get moving together!




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