Last weeks workouts + my first CrossFit class

February 21, 2017

Hey, friends! Happiest of Tuesdays to you. I’m popping in to share last week’s workouts and tell you about my first experience at CrossFit. I’ve been sort of winging my workouts lately as I try and figure out what schedule works best for me, but I’m enjoying not having a set training plan at the moment. 🙂


Last week’s workouts


REST – took a walk during lunch because it was beautiful out!

Tuesday (Valentine’s Day)

6 mile run – average pace 8:05

For the last mile I did hill sprint repeats and my legs were noodles by the end. If felt really good to end my run with a hard effort and “empty my tank”. We are definitely soaking up the warm winter weather here in North Carolina.

A Fit Mess


CrossFit intro class (see below!)


3 mile run




Orangetheory – ESP Day (Endurance – Strength – Power)

Strength work included a lot of pressing movements (one arm DB chest presses) and pushing exercises. Ab work (planks, bicycle crunches, toe taps).

Treadmill: various incline work / pushes –> all out efforts


  • 750 meter row + 25 med ball overhead presses (I used a 12# ball)
  • 500 meter row + 25 med ball OH presses
  • 250 meter row + 25 med ball OH presses
  • repeat 25o meter row and presses until time is called


I’m not sure why, but this workout totally killed me. I was completely wiped out from the rowing at the end. I like to alternate between starting with the strength work and the conditioning. Something about the combination of the rowing and the med ball overhead presses at the finish just destroyed me.



1 hour walk outside with my sister <3


My intro CrossFit session


I have been thinking about trying CrossFit for a while, but just haven’t taken the time to check it out. I recently had a conversation with Matt about wanting to increase my strength and power in a group setting, and he encouraged me to look into it. I love working out with my husband, but our schedules rarely jive and he is booked up most days with Carpe Diem clients. Much of my strength work is done on my own or at Orangetheory. As you know, I love OTF!  The community atmosphere and workouts are awesome. So I still plan on sticking with OTF, but I wanted to learn more about the CrossFit program and experience it for myself.


Mostly I’m intrigued because CrossFit intimidates the heck out of me. I thought I’d share my initial experience with you in case you were interested in learning more about it, too.

You may have noticed that there are CrossFit studios popping up everywhere. Each gym (known as a “box”) is actually its own entity and – from what I hear – the workouts, coaches, and experience can vary greatly from one location to another. I ended up selecting the box that was nearest to my house and I scheduled a complimentary one-on-one training session with a coach (a prerequisite before taking a class).


Although I was a bit nervous pulling up to the box, I felt much more comfortable after meeting the coach and seeing the members. I was given a tour of the facility and my coach asked me a lot of questions about my goals, background, and interests.


We talked quite a bit about the program and the movements, what typical workouts look like (each class in an hour long, but the strength work lasts between 8-12 minutes on average), how the class moves (warm up, active work, conditioning, cool down), etc. I asked a lot of questions and my coach took time to answer everything thoroughly. There was a class going on while I was there so it was neat to see an actual workout in progress. I was surprised to see people of ALL ages, background, and fitness levels working out. I was impressed by how the members were engaging with one another. They were super encouraging and offered each other feedback and helpful pointers. It was so cool to be in such a supportive environment.


After the tour, I went through a quick baseline workout:


  • 500 meter row
  • 40 air squats
  • 30 sit ups
  • 20 push ups
  • 10 pull ups


I finished the workout in 8:25, but I wasn’t really pushing myself. I was just going through the workout and letting the coach analyze my movements. I completed most of the workout straight through, but broke up the pull ups in reps (4, 3, 3). Some of the movements were a bit different from what I am used to doing. For example, the sit ups were performed with a wedge under my back and my legs were in a butterfly position. For the push ups I was told to touch my chest to the floor. I managed to hit my face on one of those. 🙂 I did the pull ups strict because that’s the only way I know how to do them (a lot of CrossFitters do a moment called “kipping”).


After the workout, I stayed and talked to the coach a bit more and then watched the remainder of the class. A few of the members came up to me to chat and everyone was very friendly and down-to-earth. All in all it was a great experience and I plan on going back again this week!

A Fit Mess


In case you aren’t familiar with CrossFit, I thought I’d share some background info..


What is CrossFit?


According to, CrossFit is a fitness program that combines a wide variety of functional movements into a timed or scored workout. Common exercises include pull-ups, squats, push-ups, weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and a host of other movements. Programs are always varied and always changing.


Philosophy – CrossFit


We believe that fitness is a state of mind, a way of being. It shows up in the way you talk, walk, sleep, eat, work, play, dress and relax. It is the physical embodiment of the character traits of honor, courage, confidence, discipline, integrity, responsibility, dedication, and joy. It is also instrumental in reducing the immediate and cumulative effects of stress and anxiety. We’ve found that the fitter a person is, the more he/she is physically able to do the things that bring joy and fun to life – everything from feeling strong, confident and energetic through your normal work day, running around with your kids, being physically active and playing sports, to traveling to remote corners of the earth. Being physically fit is inspiring, feels good, enriches your life, and adds both years to your life, and life to your years. For us, the bottom line is this: Fitness allows you to live your best.


Have you taken a CrossFit class before? What did you like about the workout? 


    1. Hi Christina-I was pretty intimated at first, too, but I was truly surprised by how welcoming they were. The members were very friendly and everyone was working at his/her own pace. It was pretty neat!

  1. I did CrossFit for a couple years starting in 2009. It’s a very effective workout routine and resulted in me probably being in the best shape of my life. The variety of the workouts and the community added to the positive experience. The downside is there seems to be a lot of injuries. I go to physical therapy for ongoing disc issues and PTs in multiple cities told me that CrossFit has created a tremendous boom for their business. Correct form will minimize injury (same as any other type of workout) but my competitive nature made it difficult for me to focus on form when performing Olympic lifts against the clock for a low time. For example, “Grace” (30 clean and jerks using 135#) for time always hurt my lower back. So, awesome workouts and a great community, but form is crucial. My two cents…

    1. That’s very helpful feedback. I can see how it would be easy to get injured in that environment. The atmosphere is very encouraging, but you’re right – the slightest misstep could result in injury. I’m a bit competitive as well and the timed workouts could easily get me caught up in trying to beat my last effort. I try not to rush and I’m working on form first and foremost. I’ll be sure to be careful. Thank you for your advice.

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