Twin Talk #2

January 25, 2017

Hello, there! I’m hoping your week is going well. I feel like we need some fun today so I’m sharing some of the clever and – on occasion inappropriate – things my girls say. Living with toddlers is fun, but when those toddlers happen to be twin three-year-old girls, it’s a blast! You can read my first post on this series here. Oh, and I did a similar one here.

Maddie: “Mom, do I need to wash my hands?”

Me: “Are they dirty?”

Maddie: “Wait!” [Runs into the bathroom and comes right back] “I touched the toilet seat and now I need to wash my hands!”



Matt: “Girls, do you want some pot roast?”

Maddie: “Yuck! Daddy’s eating cockroach!”



Me: “Hey, girls! Why don’t we play with our paper dolls?”

Ashlyn: “Booooriingg!”

Maddie: “Oh, mom. Gimme a break!”


Ashlyn: “What’s Valentine’s Day?”

Me: “Well, it’s a holiday to celebrate St. Valentine and our loved ones.”

Ashlyn: “Will a heart be coming down the chimney?”


And of course the best is when I overheard the girls playing with their doll house people…

Maddie: “Sissy, you can be mean mommy and I’ll be bad daddy.”



Okay, your turn. I get such a kick out of the things toddlers do and say. Share yours below!



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