Last week’s workouts

January 10, 2017

Hey there, my lovely friends. Believe it or not we have had yet another snow day here. The ice is starting to melt and the main roads seem fine, but school has been cancelled. Luckily, the girls’ nanny was able to come today so I could get some work done. This year has started on a hectic note for me, but I’m trying to stay positive and just keep plugging away. When things get busy, particularly at work, I tend to want to skip my workout. It’s really easy to just keep your head down working, isn’t it? But it’s the busy times when I know I will benefit the most from exercising. Taking a break – even a 30 minute walk outside – to clear your head and get some movement in can be so helpful both physically and mentally. So maybe take a break…right…now! 3-2-1 GO!


Despite Mother Nature’s plans, I was able to get in some really great workouts. I made it to three Orangetheory classes which doesn’t often happen, but being cooped up in my house made me want to move. I also did a couple of workouts at my house during naptime (hooray!). While I prefer leaving the house for my workouts, if I have to stay at home there are many options to choose from. No excuses to skip!

Here’s my messy workout closet:


Last week’s workouts


3.5 mile run outside (8:14 pace)



Orangetheory (6 AM class)

Holy smokes! I am not used to working out that hard in the morning. Matt didn’t have his usual early morning client on this day so I got my butt out of bed for a class before work. The early morning OTF’ers are not messing around.

Run included tons of incline work. Most of the time we alternated between high incline walking and then 1 minute all out sprints on flat ground. It was a good one.

Strength floor included a lot of lower body work and power moves.

Round 1:

10 deadlifts / 10 hammer curls / 20 plank leg lifts (Repeat 3x)

Round 2:

10 squat to low rows / 10 jumping jacks holding a DB / 10 side plank crunches (Repeat 3x)

Round 3:

10 hamstring curls / 10 ab roll outs / 200 meter row (Repeat 3 x; my best time was 44 seconds)



Wednesday – at home strength workout

This was mostly a strength workout, but I added in 1 minute of cardio bursts in between each set.

  • bentover dumbbell row 3 sets of 12 -> 1 minute cardio
  • streight arm dumbbell pullover 3 sets of 12 -> 1 minute cardio
  • dumbbell curls 3 sets of 12 -> 1 min. cardio
  • wide stance squats 3 sets of 12 -> 1 min. cardio
  • hamstring curls on a stability ball 3 x 12 -> 1 min. cardio
  • dumbbell single leg deadlift 3 x 12, each side -> 1 min. cardio
  • crunches on stability ball 3 x 12 -> 1 min. cardio


The cardio I did in between the sets looked like the following (I rotated through these several times):

  • 30 seconds of mountain climbers + 30 seconds of jump squats
  • 30 seconds of plank jacks + 30 seconds of plank leg lifts
  • 30 seconds of pop jacks + 30 seconds of regular squats


For more ideas on how to incorporate cardio into your workout, check out this post.


Orangetheory – Run/Row Day

Anyone else LOVE run/row days?! I like them because they always jack my heart rate up and I really like working through the different blocks and checking them off as I go. #listnerd

Strength floor included various rows and push up work. We used the TRX and bosu ball a lot. LOVE the TRX! We ended with a 3 minute core blast which left me hating everyone.






My regular OTF class was cancelled due to the snow and ice so I made up a workout at home while the girls napped. It was inspired by UP which is an online strength and conditriong website that I highly recommend. There is a lot of great information on their site.

3 rounds:

  • 12 single leg deadlifts, each side
  • 12 dumbbell presses on a stability ball


3 rounds:

  • 12 single leg hamstring curls on the ball, each side
  • 12 standing shoulder presses


3 rounds:

  • 12 back extensions on the floor
  • 12 hand release push ups


Then 10 minutes of ab work: 1 min. forearm plank -> 1 min bycicle crunch – repeat this sequence 5x


Orangetheory – Power Day

Run included various pushes on the treadmill and lots of all outs.

Strength included low reps and heavy weight. Snatches and half swings with a short rowing interval at the end. Loved this class!


Tell me – what did your workouts look like? Anyone running outside lately? I have been a baby with the cold weather. 

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