Friday faves 20

January 27, 2017

Hey there, you. I hope your week went well. I don’t know about you, but this week flew by! I’m so glad today is Friday. I have to give a presentation this morning, but later this evening Matt and I are going out to dinner for his birthday. Yay!


Okay let’s get into some of things that I am loving right now. I have a lot to share! I’m also writing this with a toddler on my lap so please excuse the typos. ūüôā


Friday faves 20


Pickled cauliflower medley – I’m all about anything pickled right now. I finished this jar myself in ONE¬†day. If you see it at Trader Joe’s be sure to pick it up (and then hide it from everyone in your house). I also really love the sauerkraut they sell there, too.

Our supply arrived from our dealer – We can’t resist these cookies…especially when they are sold by a four foot cutie who lives next door. My favorite are the caramel delights…#nocontrol

Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate¬†– I just started taking this after hearing so many great reviews about it. Collagen has many benefits, including promoting joint health and assisting with recovery. There’s also 10-11 grams of protein per serving. I add it to my coffee in the morning (it’s tasteless and dissolves instantly). I’m going to hold off on stating an opinion about this until I’ve used it a bit longer. So far, so good!

Coral hibiscus cheek stain from HAN¬†– I’m loving this right now. Color is on point! Highly recommend.

Finally getting around to decorate our built-in shelves. Nevermind we have lived here for two years now.

My friend Maria gave me some great suggestions and I really like it now.

Foam rolling РMy body has been feeling a bit beat up lately so I have been trying to dedicate some time to deep tissue work at home.

Peanut butter cup blondies by Fooduzzi – My friends and family know I enjoy a good blondie. These vegan PB blondies look like all sorts of trouble for me. I recently discovered Alexa’s plant-based food blog and I’m smitten with her dessert recipes!

Sally Hansen instant dry top coat – Whaaattt?! How did I not know about this sooner? For those of us who only have two minutes to paint our nails this top coat is life-changing! I think it’s around $4.

This story is too funny not to share – Ashlyn has a lovie/blanket that she calls, “Baa-Baa.” It’s essential for nap time. Yesterday it went missing and I searched the entire house looking for it. I eventually gave up only to¬†find it in the freezer when I went to get some ice. Ashlyn said she forgot he wanted to hide in there. Ha!

And finally – I found a picture of me when I was around the girls’ age and just had to share. Madison and I look like we could be the same person. I’m making the “worried” face she often gives me. And can we just talk about the cute Strawberry Shortcake outfit I’m dressed in? Dying over here!

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This mom practicing yoga with her tiny toddlers. Love.

I’ll take all of the Cajun onion rings, thanks.


Have a wonderful day!


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