Birthday weekend + breaking a sweat + thank you!

Hey! Happy Monday! How did the weekend go for you? Despite all of us getting a small cold, we had a nice couple of days here and I thought I share some of the highlights with you.


After giving a presentation at work on Friday I was more than ready to kick back and relax. My sweet sister-in-law watched the girls in the evening so Matt and I could be adults and go out to dinner to celebrate his birthday. We went to Bin 54 which has always been one of our favorite spots. It was nice to be out just the two of us and to be able to speak in full sentences without being interrupted by the kids.

We started with drinks and split the salt and pepper calamari. I told Matt that I wanted that to be my last meal on Earth. SO GOOD! It had a slightly sweet chili sauce on top that was a nice contrast to the salt. After that we ordered entrees. Everything is a la cart, but the portions are huge.

Matt got the bone-in rib eye and I had the salmon, which was cooked perfectly. And we split a plate of onion rings. Get ready for the ugliest picture you have ever seen…

onion rings – not some scary sea creature


We aren’t used to eating such heavy, fried food so by the end of the meal we were both feeling horrible. Guys, I can’t hang anymore! I’m done after two drinks and some onion rings. We even skipped dessert (<–a sin), but we were just done.  As I told my girlfriend, “It was fun, but then it wasn’t.” Lesson learned. Ha ha!

Saturday I needed to sweat out all the grease and salt so I went to workout first thing in the morning. Later the girls and I ran some errands and tried to shop, but I was still feeling a bit off and the girls started showing signs that they were sick. That moment as a parent when you realize your kids might be sick (NOOOO!!!).

We ended up coming home and just lounged around the house. I managed to rally and do a big closet clean out. I filled two big bags for Good Will, which felt pretty awesome.

Sunday was a bit better. After a good workout, I came home and the girls and I started in on our preparations for daddy’s birthday party. We made decorations and a couple of cards.

Then they “helped” me make a chocolate peanut butter tart. I say “helped” but really they just ate all the ingredients and stole numerous chocolate chips. Little cuties.

Naps/quiet time ensued and I did some work while Matt cooked. The day ended with chicken wings, a freakin amazing dessert, and gifts! A pretty great end to the weekend.

Thank you, friends!

With January just about behind us (eep!), I’m reminded that we have a lot of things on the horizon. Some changes. Some transitions. And some fun. I’ll get into those things in more detail later on, but it’s definitely going to be a busy winter and spring. I’m going to try to keep blogging as frequently as possible. I’ve been seeing a lot more traffic on my site which makes me feel happy, but also a bit pressured to keep cranking things out. At the end of the day, it is just a hobby and my family and my health are still my top priorities. But, seriously…thank you so much for your support. Much appreciated! 


Also a favor – it seems that when I switched over to my new blog host I may have lost a bunch of email subscribers. Would you mind entering your email again? If you haven’t subscribed (I still love you), please consider signing up! This allows you to get new posts delivered straight to your inbox. No spam. Ever.


With my schedule being a bit hectic lately, I’ve sort of set my workouts on autopilot. I did four Orangetheory classes last week simply because it was convenient and I knew I would be able to incorporate strength and cardio into an hour workout. I’m hoping that I will soon get back to more regular strength sessions and running. I really miss lifting!


Here’s a look back at last week’s workouts:


Orangetheory (endurance day)




6 mile run outside (8:15 pace)


Orangetheory (strength day)

Friday – at home workout (this was a goodie!)

3 rounds of each exercise:

  • forward lunge to bicep curl (12 per side)
  • bench hop overs (20 total)
  • bentover high rows (12 total)
  • ab in and outs on bench (20 total)
  • donkey kicks (12 per side)
  • traveling push ups (12 total)
  • step ups to shoulder press (12 total)
  • DB Russian twists (20 total)
  • hip dips (20)
  • mountain climbers (1 set of 100)








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