A look inside my bag

Foldover vegan crossbody bag
January 24, 2017

In this post I share a list of the items I always carry with me in my bag, like coconut oil, a small notebook, and healthy snacks for when I’m on the run. I’m always curious about what others keep with them so please share some of your favorite items below. As always, all opinions are my own.


A look inside my bag

A Fit Mess

Travel tissues: I keep tissues just about everywhere – my purse, gym bag, car, and office. Yes, I’m that person who always has a tissue handy. I get this trait from my dad who had a handkerchief on him at all times which my sister, brother, and I shared (<–hello, germs!).


Refresh contact drops: I have really dry eyes so I keep these drops on me in case I need them…which happens to be quite often. Staring at a computer all day doesn’t help much [sigh].


Organic coconut oil: I keep a small container of coconut oil on me to use as a moisturizer for my skin. It also has anti-bacterial properties so it’s great to have on hand in case one of girls gets a scrape or cut. (I keep a small medical kit in my car, too.)


Larabar Bites: I mentioned these in a recent Friday Faves post. They are the perfect, bite-sized snacks for whenever hunger strikes or if I’m headed to a workout and I need some fuel. I find that I can’t eat a lot before I exercise so the smaller servings work well for me.


RXBAR: Can you tell I like snacks? I usually have an RX bar or a Larabar on me at all times (in this case, both). And I usually have an apple in my gym bag. I never want to be stuck somewhere without any food options!


Tide To Go stick: I’m pretty clumsy to begin with, but add children to that equation and I wind up with some type of spill or stain on me before 10:00 am most days. I love these Tide sticks because they get everything outI keep one at the office and in my car, too! I’ve also gifted these to friends and coworkers.


Beautycounter lip gloss and lip sheer: I’ve already shared how much I love Beautycounter so it’s no surprise that I carry a couple of products with me. This Peony lip gloss is the best gloss I have ever owned. It’s a very pale pink and the shine stays put. It’s so good that I’m currently scraping every last bit out of the empty tube. I wear the rose lip sheer when I want a bit more color on my lips. It smells like vanilla – so yummy!


My little blue notebook (and pen): This is used primarily as my training log. I jot down all my workouts and exercise programs for the week. I also use it to record notes, blog ideas, hundreds thousands of random thoughts that pop into my head each day.


Burt’s Bees chap stick: Great to wear before a winter run.


Vaseline: I carry this around primarily for my kids. Madison has really dry lips that she picks constantly. I put a small amount of coconut oil on her lips and then add a coat of vaseline to seal in the moisture. Works really well!


Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs): I keep a small bag of BCAAs with me to take to my workout. Although a lot of people take them during a workout, I prefer to have them before and/or after because I don’t want to bother with them while I exercise.  There are numerous benefits for taking BCAAs, but I find they really help with my workout performance and recovery. They can also be taken on an empty stomach so I’ll have some before an early workout or at the end of the day. I also take L-glutamine after my workouts.


Random 20$ cash coupon for Old Navy 🙂 


Hair tie: I wear one on my wrist almost always, but I have a few in my bag for the girls, too.


Okay, tell me…what items do you carry with you? 



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