4 ways to start 2017 off on the right track

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year, everyone! Cheers to 2017. Since I’m sure most of you are thinking about how to start your year off right, I thought I’d share a few ways I plan to begin 2017 on a healthy note. 


4 ways to start 2017 off on the right foot


1. Plan breakfast in advance and rotate ideas every week. 

Having a quality and satisfying breakfast sets the tone for your whole day. If you’re a parent with young kids, then chances are you may not have the time (or energy!) to make a wholesome meal each morning. I’m usually stealing bites of my breakfast as I dress the girls and pack my bags for work so I need something fast and convenient. To keep things simple, I select two meals for breakfast each week. Usually, it’s overnight oats, chia pudding, or hard-boiled eggs and veggies. All of these items can be made the night before, which means they take ZERO prep in the morning.

Check out my favorite chia pudding combinations and this recipe for chocolate chia coconut overnight oats.

A Fit Mess

2. Organize kitchen and invest in storage containers.

Take a look in your pantry and throw out anything that is expired or outdated. We typically go through things quickly in our house, but I did find a few cooking oils and sauces that were way past their prime. Clean out your cupboards and make everything neat and tidy in the kitchen. Organized = less stress and easier prep.

I recently looked in our cupboard and realized that most of our Pyrex containers are old and cracked. And many of the lids are missing. Where, oh, where do they all go? I made a quick trip to Target and found some nice glass containers that have reinforced lids. I also bought some mason jar replacement caps since we seem to lose those, too.

A Fit Mess

3.  Make veggies easy to access.

I am most likely to snack while I’m preparing a meal. And I usually reach for whatever’s convenient – one million nuts, plantain chips, or dip. My plan going forward is to have more veggies on hand so I don’t mindlessly go overboard in the kitchen. I got purchases this vibe veggie slicer at my trip to Target to quickly prepare carrots and celery. I’m also going to start roasting veggies on Sunday so I can have them during the week.

4. Get rid of the temptation.

I recently told my dad that I feel compelled to eat all the sweets in my house in order to get rid of them. He laughed and admitted to doing the same thing. #likefatherlikedaughter. Rather than eat the things I know I shouldn’t, I’ve started to give them away, freeze some, or just toss them out. I really hate wasting food so I try not to do the last one, but sometimes I just have to get them out of my sight. #nocontrol. I try to remind myself how good I feel when I don’t eat junk. Before indulging, take a moment to think about whether there are any health benefits to the item you want to eat. Try to nourish your body with food that is good for you.

How are you planning to start 2017 on a healthy note? Do you have any tips to add?




  1. Thanks Alyssa! Great ideas. I need to eat more veggies in ’17 and have to be better about prepping them before I crave a snack. I always eat them if they are on the counter ready to eat, just need to get them on counter more often. Sounds like the kids and I are heading to Target today for veggie slicer!

    (And some more glass Tupperware. Where do the tips go???)

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