Schedule changes and my life + canceling my gym membership + elf anxiety

December 5, 2016

Hey friends. Hope you all are doing well. What I’d hoped would be a few days break from blogging turned into a much longer time away. Things have been quite busy for us – the girls have a bad cold that just won’t quit, it’s year end and super busy at work, and I have been adjusting to a new schedule. Craziness.


I absolutely love writing and connecting with so many of you, but I also have to stay true to my priorities. Even though I dedicate a lot of time to blogging, it’s not my full-time job and I was feeling a bit pressured to write every day and that doesn’t work right now.


Life ebbs and flows for all of us and things have gotten busy – personally and professionally. So I hope you understand why I’ve been silent. I’m still very much committed to writing. Which brings me to my first question: What would you like to hear about? I really love getting suggestions and I want to know if there is anything in particular you want me to discuss. Share it below, send me an email, or message me on social media.


My schedule has changed quite a bit at work. I’m in the office three days a week and working remotely as well. This has allowed me to spend more time with my family and focus on my kids. I am EXTREMELY lucky that my job is flexible and I’m able to do this. I realize not everyone can manage an abbreviated schedule and I’m grateful for the ability to do this. That being said, this flexibility does not make things easier. I feel stressed at times trying to keep up my usual workload and be a mom/wife. I realize no one is perfect, but it seems like I’m failing in A LOT of ways right now. New Year’s resolution: get your shit together! 🙂


What I am proud of are my kids. They are good girls and I am SO fortunate to have them in my life. They days I am home with them I try hard to fill up our time doing fun things like attending a weekly music class or hitting up Michael’s to get some crafts. They are growing up sooooo fast!


We’re still in the process of touring preschools and so far we have seen some really great places. I’ve relaxed a bit about things now that I know there are so many wonderful options out there. And the reality is that if something isn’t the right fit we can always change. If anyone is curious about the places we have visited or the questions I have asked, please let me know. Happy to share my feedback with any parents who are also researching schools right now.


Topic change.


I recently cancelled my gym membership and I’m in workout limbo. Since I’m not in the office everyday and because I’ve been enjoying running and Orangetheory so much, I decided to take a break from the gym and work out on my own for awhile. I’ve been running three days a week, attending two OTF classes, and going to the Y just about two times per week. I’m confident I can train at home early in the morning before the girls wake up like I did when they were babies.


Or, I can power through work and try and squeeze in my class or a run a few times per week. I wish I could find the time to get to yoga, but it’s not likely. I may rejoin the Y in the spring, but I’m going to see how things go for a little while. Since my kids are starting to wake up super early (I think it’s the excitement about where our elf will be) then I may need to get my butt out of bed even earlier than normal. Help: how did I get my children to stay in bed longer?


Speaking of the elf…are any other parents feeling anxiety about forgetting to move their elf every night? Honestly, I have woken up in the middle of the night panicked about whether I remembered to move him. Why is this so stressful?! A co-worker told me that her elf has a slow metabolism so he doesn’t always move. Smart!


Speaking of Christmas…I am so stinkin excited to celebrate the holiday with the girls. It has been so fun to see the holiday through their eyes. I am proud to say I am just about done shopping for them. I did almost 90% of it online since I avoid the mall like the plague this time of year. Anyone else doing their shopping online? The girls are all about dolls, baby accessories, and pretend food. A few trucks and games thrown in, too. I’m also really glad we will be hosting a brunch on Christmas Day. It will be so fun to hang out over a lazy meal, coffee, and mimosas. Mmmm.


The very last thing I will share with you are my most recent workouts. After taking a few days off when we traveled to Buffalo for Thanksgiving, I am back at it and feeling good. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be pain-free. After struggling for years with nagging injuries I made a commitment last year to focus more on strength. I can tell that my body is much stronger now. I’m so glad to be able to enjoy the activities I love once again. I absolutely believe this is because I made a real effort to lift weights and strength training on a regular basis.


Last week’s workouts


Monday, November 28

Run 1 mile

Then 3 rounds:

  • 20 DB plank row to push ups, total (I used two 15 lb. DBs)
  • 15 DB curls (I used 15 lbs.)
  • 20 hip dips, each side


rest 60 seconds

Then 3 rounds:

  • 10 reverse DB lunge, each side (I used two 20 lb. DBs)
  • 15 overhead tricep extensions (20 lb.)
  • 15 wide grip upright rows (I used a 40 lb. barbell)


Tuesday, November 29

Full body strength at Y

3 rounds:

  • 15 single leg glute bridge on bench, each side
  • 15 1 arm dumbbell row (20 lbs.)


3 rounds:

  • 15 seated Arnold presses (I used 15 lbs.)
  • 15 weighted dips (15 lbs.)


3 rounds:

  • 15 single leg deadlifts holding a 20# kettlebell
  • 12 standing dumbbell shoulder press (I used two 20 lb. DBs)
  • 20 single leg v-ups holding a 15 lb. DB
  • 20 spidermans


Wednesday, November 30

5. 5 mile run outside (this felt awesome!!)


Thursday, December 1


Strength block 1: descending reps: 10/8/6/4

  • DB squat to overhead press
  • bentover rear delt raise
  • power push ups


Strength block 2:

  • 10 TRX high pulls
  • 10 TRX bicep curls
  • 24 jumping jacks holding a DB
  • 10 power sit ups


Strength block 3:

  • 10 overhead tricep extensions
  • 10 weighted v-ups


Run / row using various distances and speeds. I felt like I pushed myself as hard as I could possibly go for this one. Nearly died.


Friday, December 2



Saturday, December 3

Orangetheory – Strength Day > I can’t remember what we did, but my Garmin said I ran 3 miles total).


Sunday, December 4

4 mile run outside


Total miles = 15

Total Strength days = 4

Rest days = 1


Sorry about all the topic changes and random thoughts! I’d love to know how you are, what you have been up to, and what your workouts have been like.

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