Weekend top 10: the great outdoors, BBQ, and family time

November 7, 2016

Happy Monday! How are things? I hope your weekend was enjoyable. I’m popping in to share our top 10 highlights. Keep reading to see what did not make my list. 🙂


Weekend top 10

1.  An early morning sweat sesh…because I do consider getting my butt handed to me a highlight. 🙂


2.  Bean Trader’s gluten-free muffins. We went with apple-cinnamon and raisin. The girls and I loved them!

A Fit Mess

3.  Picking out some fun holiday arts and crafts. Parents – painted ornaments make great gifts for grandparents. These were only 89 cents each at Michael’s.


4. Taking a 4 mile walk alone on Sunday [insert emoji hallelujah hands]. It was a beautiful morning and I decided to trade in my planned run for a walk. I listened to a few podcasts and made a couple of phone calls to my family.


5. Hiking the Hillsborough Riverwalk and visiting the Stickwork scuplture with our family. Seriously, this was amazing. The scuplture is made entirely of sugar maple, sweetgum, and elm saplings. If you are local, I highly recommend visiting this spot.



6. Hillsborough BBQ! We worked up an appetite with our hike and had an awesome meal at one of our favorite spots!


I ordered the farmer’s salad with turkey and it was really tasty.


And I stole several of Matt’s hush puppies. omg.


7. Notasium. Getting our groove on at this music-inspired play space. 


8.  Sneaking out some of our Christmas decorations. I have to slowly put them out so Matt doesn’t notice. He thinks it’s too ealy for them. IT’S. NOT.

9. Making this paleo pumpkin coffee cake from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy. It was pretty good, but I may try adding banana next time to make it a bit more cake-y.


10. Enjoying some nice wine and relaxing with Shameless. Pretty hooked on the show, you guys.


Things that did not make my top 10:

  • Finding a GIANT wolf spider in our garage. It sprinted across the floor and it was so large I actually thought it was a mouse. Obviously, we’re moving.
  • Deep cleaning my entire downstairs (I hate cleaning!) only to smack my head on the top of an open cabinet. Ouch!
  • Daylight Savings Time. Sorry, but when you become a parent this is more of a curse than a blessing. Early risers become even earlier risers.


How was your weekend? Love or hate Daylight Savings Time?

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