Thanksgiving in NY + how traveling with toddlers has changed + sweating out all my bad decisions

November 27, 2016

Heyyyyy. How are you all doing? How was your Thanksgiving? We arrived home from our trip to New York on Friday evening and proceeded to do one hundred loads of laundry. We are back to our normal routine now, but I have tons of emails to catch up on and work projects to review. I decided to procrastinate a bit longer and share a recap of our holiday with you all.


Tuesday morning I got my butt out of bed and made it to a 6 am Orangetheory class. I knew if I was going to be stuck on an airplane for a couple of hours I would feel better if I got a workout in. Exercising on a travel day is tough, but if you can manage to squeeze it in ahead of time then it really helps balance out all the time spent sitting in a car or plane.


After I showered, we packed up and headed out to the airport. Not sure why, but Madison was super fussy when we got to the airport. She had several meltdowns (read: throwing herself on the airport floor) before boarding. Naturally, I decided a coffee was in order.


Things got better after we landed and the girls were super excited to see their cousins. This little superstar wheeled my not-s0-light suitcase through the airport. She was so proud.


My brother-in-law met us at the airport and we went right to the grocery store to pick up some food to bring back to my dad’s condo.


PSA: Buffalo is cold!! We didn’t get any snow during our stay, just a bit of rain on Thanksgiving Day.


The girls loved getting all bundled up!


This year we all decided that we’d rather have our Thanksgiving meal prepared for us than spend our limited time together cooking. It was the best decision ever!


We picked up a full Thanksgiving meal from The Como (one of our favorite restaurants) and it was soooo good.


The apple crumb pie from Sanger Farms & Bakery  was crazy good.


Lots of laughs with my family, drinks, and good food. I wish we could have stayed longer! I am always so sad to leave everyone.


Pictured with me: my siblings and my dad. <3


This was the best picture I could get of all the cousins. Ashlyn’s like, I can’t even with this picture! The girls played with their cousins the whole time which was really nice to see. They all got along well.

Our trip home was much better. The Buffalo-Niagara airport has a Play Gate for kids and the girls had fun getting some movement in before our flight.


Sidenote: Southwest is the best! The girls wouldn’t use the bathroom before we took off and the flight attendant promised them a surprise if they went. When we returned to our seats, they brought over two bags filled with peanuts, pretzels, and a small piece of chocolate. The girls were so excited. What a nice gesture!


I didn’t workout on Wednesday or Thursday and I ate a whole lot of everything (all the sides, a bit of every dessert, my sister’s chocolate covered Oreos – so delish) so I was itching to workout when we got back.


After unpacking and getting the girls settled I headed out for a run. It was warmer than I expected – nearly 75 degrees! I ended up covering 4 miles in 30 minutes and it was exactly what I needed. Saturday morning I managed to get to my usual class and I joked with Matthew that I must have been sweating wine and sugar. It hurt so good.


While I usually try to workout when I travel I planned on taking rest days during my visit. I felt like that’s what I needed. Instead, I spent the time enjoying myself, having coffee chats with my dad, and being lazy. It was the right decision. It’s my opinion that holidays should be enjoyed. So go on and indulge for a day or two and then get right back at it with clean eating and exercise.


Tell me about your holiday. Anyone get out there for some Black Friday shopping?

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