Last week’s workouts: Hell Week, strength training, and a run

November 1, 2016

It’s officially November 1st and there are less than 8 weeks until Christmas. Did I just make you panic a bit? This year I vow to get all of my shopping done by December 1st. Just kidding. That will NEVER happen! But I do vow to stay a bit more organized about it. And by “organized” I mean have a shopping plan. And by “shopping plan” I mean stick to a budget! Anyone else start with the best intentions and then slowly start going overboard? But I digress…


My workouts last week were both challenging and fun. I managed to get in activity every day and forced myself to take a rest day mid-week. Overall still feeling good.


Last week’s workouts

Monday – Hell Week Day 1 at Orangetheory

Theme: The Hills Have Thighs


  • Row 100 meters and then add 25 dumbbell thrusters (I used 15 lb. DBs)


Each round add 100 meters to the row and subtract 5 reps from the thrusters. I got to 600 meters and 0 thrusters.



Reps: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12

  • Lateral step ups with power (each)
  • Palms to elbows (total)
  • Bench static lunge (each)
  • Decline mountain climber (total)



Round 1: 3% incline

  • run 1 minute at a push pace
  • 45 second base pace
  • 30 second all out


Repeat same sequence increasing the incline by 2% each time (5%, 7%, 9%, 11%) or until you die.


Tuesday – Strength

3 rounds:

  • elevated push ups (x20)
  • dumbbell presses (x12)


3 rounds:

  • dumbbell flys (x12)


3 rounds:

  • weighted bench dips (x15)
  • DB pullover on bench (x15)


4 rounds:

  • tricep kickbacks (x15)


15 mins ab work + PT exercises


Wednesday – REST


Thursday – Hell Week Day 4 at Orangetheory

Theme: Silence of the Limbs


  • 15% incline -> All out sprint for 0.15 miles
  • 200 meter row


Repeat same sequence decreasing the incline by 2% each time (try increasing your speed with each round) and keeping the row at 200 meters. I got to 5% on the treadmill + 200 meter row.



  • 120 mountain climbers
  • 20 tricep push ups
  • 60 alternating bicep curls (total)
  • 60 tricep kickbacks
  • 60 TRX curls
  • 60 TRX tricep extensions
  • 30 dumbbell front raises
  • 30 dumbbell lateral raises
  • 30 front delt raises


Friday – 3.5 mile run outside 

A Fit Mess

Saturday – Hell Week Day 6 at Orangetheory

Theme: The Burpee Switch Project

This was a 3G class which means there were a lot more people and we were broken up into three groups: floor work, treadmill, and rowers. I started on the rower and the class went something like this (I couldn’t actually recall all the details):

Block 1: row 2 mins at a push pace + 1 min all out effort

Block 2: run 2 mins at push pace + 1 min all out effort

Block 3: 3 minutes of the following: 2 burpees + 4 hops over bench; repeat adding 2 burpees + 4 hops each round

Block 4 + 5: row 1 min all out then run 1 min all out

Block 6: 1 minute: burpee to plank row to standing curl

Block 7 + 8: row 1 min all out then run 1 min all out

Block 9: 1 minute: triple squat followed by a burpee

Block 10-11: repeat same row and run

Block 12: full burpees

Repeat first three blocks again.



Sunday – Strength + PT

A Fit Mess

Lateral band walks (30 per side)*

Then 3 rounds:

  • wide grip upright row (10 – 12 reps)
  • narrow grip upright row (AMAP)
  • DB lateral raises (10 reps)


3 rounds:

  • single leg dead lift with 20# kettle bell (20 each side)*
  • band pull aparts (30 reps)
  • DB calf raises (20 reps)
  • sit ups holding a 15# DB (20 total)


*These exercises were prescribed by my physical therapist to try and build up my hip strength.


I’m still feeling very good. My posterior shin pain has diminished significantly, which I attribute to many things, including my running shoes and recovery routine. I will post about that soon in case you are curious about what I’ve changed.

Anywho, have an awesome week everyone!


Anyone else participate in Hell Week? 

Anyone have luck with physical therapy? I’ve heard mixed reviews, but it has always worked really well for me. 

What did your workouts look like last week?

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