All the what’s in my life

November 22, 2016

A random round-up of what’s going on with me. What I’m enjoying, what I’m stressing about, and what is inspiring me lately. It’s actually a great reminder of where I am at this point in my life – a snapshot, if you will. Play along because it’s fun.

All the what's in my life

What I’m dressing in these days: Outside of work, all I want to wear are my high-waist Athleta leggings. They are so darn comfortable and their tights are more like lifestyle leggings so I don’t feel bummy wearing them outside of the gym. I’m lusting over the Sculptek line. Anyone try it?


What’s on my feet: I’m really enjoying my fall booties, especially my Lucky Brand and Merrell ones. But I’m also loving all the Nikes and Adidas shoes. I want these and these from Santa (HINT HINT).


What I’m eating lately: For breakfast I’ve been alternating between overnight oats and chia pudding. I’m usually an egg kind of girl, but I haven’t been feeling them lately. Lunches are typically salad and protein. Dinners are usually turkey or chicken thighs. I seriously need to get back into meal planning. #newyearsresolution

shrimp_local 22

What I’m reading these days: Anything by Dr. Seuss. Oh, you meant me? Sadly, nothing at the moment. Any recommendations?


What I’m watching: Shameless! And now I know why that’s what it’s called. My mother-in-law watched some of it with us during her recent visit and all I felt was shame. 🙂 Please don’t think less of me!


We are also devouring Game of Thrones right now. Anyone else?


What I’m looking forward to: Thanksgiving with my family in New York this week! Yay! And similarly, what I’m not looking forward: the snow we will get while we are there. Gross.


What I’m stressing out about: Finding the right pre-K for my kids. You guys, it’s seriously overwhelming right now. We are starting to tour places and you’d think we were choosing a college.


What’s making me smile these days: Being with my kids. They say the funniest things – totally inappropriate and occasionally embarrassing {for me}, but they make me laugh. We need to censor ourselves a bit more.

What’s also making me smile is this video. I watch it over and over. #cantstopwontstop

What’s been on my mind: The fall always makes me think of my mom. She passed on Thanksgiving day and it’s always been an emotional time for me, but I am very grateful I get to spend this year with my family. <3


What’s (Who’s) inspiring me: All the moms. Let’s be honest – it is hard raising children. I am impressed with every parent out there who shows up. Let’s all try to praise each other a bit more for giving it our best.


What’s been keeping me occupied: Two rambunctious, demanding toddlers, mostly.


I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to my future and what I want my day-to-day to look like. I think we often get caught up in a routine (work schedule, family demands, etc.) and lose focus of our goals. I want to be sure I’m taking time for myself and exploring what drives me.


What’s on my Christmas wish list: Ahem, I do have my own Amazon wish list and it’s full of training equipment, weights…workout clothes… and sneakers. I know.


What I am grateful for: It goes without saying that I am extremely thankful for my girls and for my family. They are my whole world. But I’m also very grateful for my health which I think is often taken for granted by so many of us. Oh, and I’m grateful to Matt for putting up with my crazy.


Okay, that was fun now it’s your turn. Tell me about a what in your life.


  1. Westminster preschool has an incredible pre k program! Just throwing it out there if you hadn’t considered it yet! Love your post today.

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