10 things I couldn’t live without {in the kitchen}

November 20, 2016

A review of all my favorite kitchen items that I use on the regular. Many of these can be found on Amazon so I have included the links below. They are all reasonably priced and well worth the purchase. With the holidays fast approaching, these would all make pretty awesome gifts for loved ones or family. Just sayin’.

10 things I couldn’t live without in the kitchen


1.  Nutribullet Rx – This is hands-down my favorite kitchen item. I received it as a Christmas present last year and I’ve used it every.day.since. The Rx model uses 1700-watt motor hands-free SMART Technology to run at the perfect speed for the exact amount of time needed to break down food. The result? The creamiest smoothies and drinks ever within seconds. I especially love that it comes with a single-serving blender (perfect for me or to split between the girls) and a “family” size. The blade attaches directly to the pitcher which makes for an especially easy clean up (only two items to wash!). It can also turn raw veggies and fruits into warm soups and purees with just a push of a button.


2.  KitchenAid Food processor – This food processor isn’t anything fancy, but it has served me well for the last 10 years. I love the simple technology – no bells or whistles – just Low, High, and Pulse speeds. I use this quite often to make banana soft serve, dips, and crusts. It can do just about everything, including shredding, kneading, and slicing.

A Fit Mess

3.  Spiralizer (by WonderVeg) – This spiralizer allows you to easily create noodles, thick spirals, and ribbons in minutes. I use this mostly with zucchini and carrots to make “spaghetti”, but you could certainly get creative and use potatoes, apples, and beets. Warning: the blades are sharp, but work really well. Everything is super simple to operate, too. What I love most is that it’s so lightweight and very easy to wash. And it’s on sale right now for only $23!

A Fit Mess

4.  CoffeemakerIsn’t this everyone’s favorite kitchen item? I mean, I honestly don’t know where I’d be without my coffeemaker. We have used this one for nearly a decade and it still works like new. For awhile we were using a Keurig which was convenient and easy, but I felt a bit guilty wasting all those pods. And something about the plastic cups and heat turned me off.


The perfect cup of coffee using Peete’s coffee!

5.  Crockpot – Crockpot slow cooking makes up at least half of our weekly dinners. It’s so nice to just set it and forget it in the morning because the last thing I want to do after working a full day is try and figure out what to have for dinner. Check out this post for more crock pot meals. Oh, and please make this recipe for crock pot chocolate chip cookies, mmmmmk?


6. Pyrex glass containersWe don’t use plastic containers so these work really well for storing, heating, and transporting food. The only down side is the tops don’t hold up that long and they tend to go missing in our house.


7.  Nut milk bag by Ellie’s Best – I bought this nut milk bag in February and I use it often to make homemade almond milk. It has held up really well despite me squeezing the HECK out of it. It has a triple nylon mesh which means nothing but liquid gets through. Highly recommend!


8.  Salad spinner  – This salad spinner by OXO is perfect for drying lettuce leaves, berries, and herbs. It has a nice non-slip top and the strainer can be removed and used separately. Even though I am a fan of bagged lettuce, I love using this for kale, collards, and loose romaine. Quick and easy!


9.  Mason jars – I must admit, I’m slightly obsessed with mason jars. You can find them in just about every cabinet in our kitchen. They are the perfect, portable container for hot and cold liquids. We use them for making chia pudding, overnight oats, salad in a jar, and coconut cream. I also love to use them for drinking.


10. Hamilton Beach coffee grinder – I use my coffee grinder primarily for grinding up flaxseed and other small nuts. It works perfectly for small servings and is quick to clean. Just wash the top and wipe the blade with a wet paper towel.

A Fit Mess

What are your favorite kitchen items?

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