Where I’ve been lately + weekend highlights

October 16, 2016

Hey there. Have you been wondering where I’ve been? I didn’t mean to disappear, but I have been super busy planning and managing an annual conference. It’s a second gig that I started doing several years ago. It kind of consumes my life every year and this week just passed in a blur. Thursday and Friday required 4:30 AM wake up calls and 15+ hour days.


I’m definitely glad it’s over and I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal routine.

The event went really well and I’m happy with how things turned out. I fueled myself on unlimited amounts of coffee…


And mostly healthy items.


Like a giant bowl of M&Ms.


Preparing for the event is physically demanding due to all the set up so even though I only lifted twice this week I don’t feel like I took much time off or set myself back at all. I was able to get in my usual Saturday morning workout at Orangetheory and I felt pretty good throughout the class. I used to hate it when I missed workouts and worry that I’d lose momentum, gain weight, or just be thrown off track, but I don’t beat myself up at all anymore. Life happens. You get busy, your priorities shift, but you get yourself back to your healthy habits.


Despite really wanting to take it easy on the weekend, I ended up running around for most of it. Saturday I worked out and came home to shower quickly and get ready for the day. We’ve been talking about getting the girls’ hair cut for about a month now (no joke) so I finally decided this was the weekend to do it. This was only the second time I have cut the girls’ hair, but Ashlyn desperately needed a trim and Madison’s hair was morphing into this toddler mullet that just had to go.


They did so well! Afterwards we walked over to Starbucks and grabbed a breakfast sandwich and drinks. There’s a fountain nearby so we walked around for a bit and then headed to the playground.


After another hour of playing we decided to grab some groceries before heading home for lunch.


I think the week must have caught up with me mid-Saturday because I just wanted to collapse on the couch. A little movie time and then I tried putting the girls down, but it wasn’t happening. Guys, I think my kids may be dropping their nap soon! NOOOOO!!!! So the girls had quiet time while dad and I rushed around cleaning (mostly him).


Later we took our bikes around for a bit – the weather was gorge!


We ended up getting sushi from Peony (BOGO!) and ended the night there.


Sushi + wine = my favorite way to end the day.

A Fit Mess

Today (Sunday) I have a massage at Hand and Stone (I went ahead and bought a membership) and I’m planning on running there since it’s only a couple of miles away. More errands, some online shopping, and run around with the girls. Should we a beautiful fall day!

Last week’s workouts:


4 rounds:

  • feet elevated push ups AMAP – I used a bench (I got 22, 22, 20, 20)
  • strict chin ups AMAP (I did 5, 5, 4, 4)


4 rounds:

  • DB external rotation on knee (12, 12, 12, 12)
  • AB rollouts (20 x 4)


5 rounds:

  • single leg squat to bench 10 per side


4 rounds:

  • 10 DB shoulder press (20 lbs.)
  • 10 DB row with elbow out (25 lbs.)


10 minutes of ab work (pull ins, reverse crunches, plank taps)



I didn’t have very long for a workout so I did this one from Julie Bauer.

5 RFT (round for time)

  • 400 meter run
  • 20 DB thrusters
  • 20 push ups with hands on dumbbells
  • 20 sit ups holding a DB


It felt so good to run without pain!


REST – tons of lifting, carrying, and moving around to set up for the event


REST – Day 1 of conference


REST – Day 2 of conference


Orangetheory – Endurance Day

Treadmill: 3 minute push / 90 second push / 1 minute push / 45 second push to 45 second all out / 30 second push to 30 second all out


  • 700 meter row then 2-3 rounds:
  • 10 frogger jump squats
  • 10 deadlifts to low row
  • 20 alternating supermans


Back to the treadmill for pushes at 2%, 4%, 5% inclines


  • 6 single arm snatches (each side)
  • 10 hamstring curls on the TRX
  • 30 alternating side heel touches


Treadmill round 3: all outs and sprints

Rowing: 1 minute push and 30 second all outs


Not sure, but most likely a run outside!


How was your week? What have you been up to?


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