Pumpkins, Prosecco and Postmates

October 23, 2016

Hi, friends. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. It’s Mondayyyyyy. Get excited! Our weekend went well and I just wanted to briefly share a few highlights from the past couple of days.

A Fit Mess

Anna and a frog. I can’t even stand the cuteness. The Anna costume was a Walmart find and I am renting the frog costume from Kim’s Halloween Costume Rental.


Pumpkin party at Kidzu

The girls had fun at a little Halloween party that was held Friday evening at Kidzu, a local children’s museum/play space.

They weren’t really into scooping the seeds out of the pumpkins – it was too messy for them – but we had a blast running around and playing.

Prosecco is well deserved after spending two hours surrounded by dozens of screaming kids, right? Right.

Saturday morning workout at Orangetheory. Any local friends take class this day? I’m not sure why, but I thought this workout was SUPER hard, especially the treadmill portion. Of course, I’d take running over rowing any day of the week.


The girls and I ran a few errands on Saturday and we picked up some crafts to do for a “girls day.”

Omg their outfits. I am embarrassed to say I dressed them today. Mixing patterns is really big these days, right??
A Fit Mess

We decorated our pumpkins using adhesive felt pieces. No mess. Done and done.

A Fit Mess

Saturday evening we ordered takeout using Postmates. You guys, this delivery service is life-changing. Seriously. You can order groceries, food, or convenience store items right from your phone. A delivery person will bring the items directly to your door (usually within 45-60 minutes). Payments are completed using a credit card so no cash is exchanged with the courier.

We ordered dinner from Lucha Tigra which offers a Latin-Asian fusion. It was delicious! I got the Vietnamese chicken salad and paired that with one million chips and salsa.

Matt ordered Kim chi rice and braised pork tacos. I only took a picture of the rice, but the tacos were massive.

Sunday morning stroll. We start our day early around here.

Big girls!

Seriously – this face is the reason she gets away with so many things everything.

Almond butter blondies for dinner at my sister-in-law’s place on Sunday.

A Fit Mess

The End.


How was your weekend? OTF peeps, do you prefer running or rowing?

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