Last week’s workouts + running (mostly) pain free

October 10, 2016

Hello there, friends! I hope everyone stayed safe and dry this weekend. Luckily, all Hurricane Matthew did was bring lots and lots of rain here on Friday and Saturday. I only ventured out a few times to workout, grab a few groceries, and meet my best friend for a belated birthday brunch. It was a pretty low-key weekend. Honestly, I feel like that’s my favorite kind of weekend. I’m such a homebody.

These two loved all the rain!


My workouts have been pretty great lately. I took one day off last week (Thursday) and I’ve been feeling much better after exercising – a big improvement from the week before. And while I wish I  could have done a bit more yoga, I’m happy with the overall balance.


Last week’s workouts


Monday @ the Y

warm up: run 800 meters

Arnold press 3 x 10

bentover rear delt raise (seated) 3 x 10

standing 1 arm shoulder press 3 x 12


  • front raises
  • DB upright row


lateral raises 3 x 12

10 mins ab work:

  1. reverse crunch (2 min)
  2. leg lifts (2 min)
  3. ab pull ins (2 min)
  4. leg raises (2 min)
  5. crunch (2 min)



5 rounds for time (workout from Paleomg)

  • 400 meter run
  • 20 DB thrusters
  • 20 push ups with hands on DBs
  • 20 sit ups holding DB


I finished around 25 minutes.




The strength portion went like this:

4 rounds:

  • deadlifts to low row
  • DB half swings
  • single leg lifts holding a DB
  • sit ups holding a DB


Then 2 x 2 min all out rows.

And then lots of DB and TRX rows and core work.

Treadmill work included several push paces at 3% – 6% inclines and a few all outs for 1 min.






60 minute hot flow at Hot Asana 




Lots of rowing (1,500 meters total) and tons of lower/ab body work (lateral lunges, calf raises , v-ups)

The run portion went something like this: Run 0.3 miles AFAP (as fast as possible) and then walk for 60 seconds. Repeat that sequence for 10 minutes. Sixty seconds recovery and then run 10 minutes for time to try and beat your original distance.



4-ish mile run outside –> absolutely glorious

I was planning on working out at home, but then I saw the sun shining and the most incredible blue sky and decided to go for a run. It turned out to be a great decision because the run was perfect.


Running was a big part of my life before I had kids. If I wasn’t training for a race then I was planning my next one. Due to a hamstring tear, hip pain, and various injuries I stopped running regularly. My last half marathon was almost a year ago and I haven’t had much desire to start running big distances since then. My biggest issue continues to be shin splints. Up until a year ago, I never experienced shin pain, but now I understand why they can be so frustrating and painful for runners. I have some ideas as to why it developed (running in the wrong shoe, running too fast, my landing/stride) and I tend to hang on to inflammation for a long time.


At the start of the year I decided to focus more on strength and less on conditioning (i.e., running). I’m enjoying the break from running, but I also love fall running. I’ve started playing around with running in minimal shoes (Vibrams and Nikes) and I’m noticing that my shin pain has dramatically decreased. I’ve also been focusing a lot on recovery – wearing compression socks during and after my runs, foam rolling, and doing strength work for my calves and shins. I’ve also started running without my Garmin so I don’t get caught up in my pace or time.


So far so good! I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to run without feeling pain! I’m hopeful if I continue to do these things I may eliminate it completely. I’m learning that in order to enjoy certain activities (like running) I need to really focus on my recovery. Stay tuned for more updates.


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How was your weekend? Anyone else love fall running? 

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