Friday faves 17

October 22, 2016

After a busy Saturday morning with the girls, I was able to sit down and write a Friday faves post for you. I have so many things to share with you. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s pretend it’s Friday, K?

Friday faves 17

Kentucky Knows Bourbon Barrel Coffee – This is probably the best-tasting coffee you will ever have. Yes, truly. Our friends brought us back some of this coffee from Kentucky Knows and we can’t get enough of it. The flavor is so, so good. And guess what? They now ship! You’re welcome.

A Fit Mess

Black Salt Caramel Bar – True story: I bought this to send in a package to someone else, but I was worried it would melt and break since it’s so thin. So, I did what anyone else would do…saved it for myself. It was absolutely amazing. The salt and caramel was such a delicious combination with the dark chocolate.

Black Salt Caramel Bar

Nature’s Path pumpkin spice waffles – I bought these for the girls, but I can’t help but steal several bites every time I make them. They taste like everything fall. I usually top them with coconut oil and a little almond butter.

pumpkin waffles

ThredUp – I have been shopping and selling with ThredUp for a couple months now and I’m sold. I have been so impressed with this company. Every item I have purchased so far is in excellent condition and exactly as pictured. They are constantly adding new items every day and it’s getting to the point where I may need to cut myself off for a bit. #cantstopwontstop. I recently snagged this sweater for $8! The picture below is of the back.

Hey, want to try ThredUp and get $10 to spend? Use my referral link!


Nordstrom – I swear, the absolute worst combination for me is wine and online shopping. I really need to quit that habit. I always end up buying things that I probably shouldn’t. But these boots.

Orangetheory OTbeat app – Orangetheory friends – did you know that the OTbeat app works outside of class? I paired the app with my heart rate monitor and wore in on an easy run the other day. It was so neat to see how well it worked. The app is free so you simply download it and it automatically captures your class totals and tracks your weekly/monthly calories, etc. Neat, huh?

A Fit Mess

All the sushi! Definitely my favorite food and something I feel like I can’t get enough of lately. I actually don’t like to choose my sushi rolls so I usually let Matt order for me. I can never seem to decide and the choices are overwhelming. The struggle is real.

All the sushi

Around the web

This pull up bar for my home – I want to work on my pull ups and chin ups and I’d be forced to if I had a bar staring at me in my doorway. I’ve started a Christmas list for myself and so far that includes three pieces of gym equipment – HA!

I’m dying over these UGG Ankle Boots for the girls.

The best workout wear for petite women (Hello, 5’1 here!)

I’m not sure whether I love tor loathe this calorie chart on Halloween candy. I don’t want to know!

These tasty Whole30 snack/lunch ideas – you had me at loaded guacamole sweet potato fries.

Athleta sale – 20% off now through 10/23. Use code EXTRA20…get it!


What are you loving lately? Have a fabulous weekend!

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