Workout: running and strength + last week’s workouts

September 13, 2016

Good morning! How did Monday go for you? I’m dragging a bit right now. I’m on Day 9 of Whole30 and things have kind of slowed down for me. I’m feeling very tired and I’m not quite sure why. I’m eating more than I usually do. In fact, Matt even commented on how much I’m eating (in a non-offensive way – haha). So I’m hoping things even out a bit in the next few days. I want my energy back!


Other than the dip in energy, I have been feeling pretty good physically. I’ve been enjoying the blend of Orangetheory and strength/conditioning work I’m doing each week. In a perfect world I would be practicing yoga a couple times per week, but I just can’t find the time to get to class. And while I am all for practicing at home, I don’t feel like I get nearly the same experience as I do when I am in a class surrounded by other people.


Last week’s workouts focused a lot on strength. I took one rest day (Wednesday) and opted for a long walk outside. It’s been so long since I’ve taken a walk alone and it felt really good to be on my own with my own thoughts.



Last week’s workouts


TRX total body workout + 45 minute walk with the girls


Upper body

3 rounds of each super set / reps shown on right

  • lat pull down (reps: 15,15,12)
  • underhand cable pull down (15,15,12)


  • seated cable row (15,15,15)
  • v-ups (15,15,15)


  • one arm DB row (15,15,15)
  • stability ball pull ins (20,15,15)


  • bent over barbell row (15,15,12)
  • mountain climbers (30,30,30)


  • alternating DB curl (12,15,12)
  • dips (15,12,12)


  • push ups (15,15,15)
  • mountain climbers (30,30,30)
  • bicycle crunches (30,30,30)



1 hour walk outside (nearly 4 miles)





3 rounds of each super set – no rest in between

  • 15 leg press (I used 115#)
  • 15 jump squats (30 total)


  • 30 walking lunges with kettle bells (40#)
  • 1 min jumping rope


  • 30 single leg toe touches (15 per side)
  • 20 frog jumps (10 forward, 10 backwards)


  • 15 cable hip abduction
  • 60 mountain climbers


  • 15 calf raises (holding 40#)
  • 20 jump squats



Orangetheory – 12 minute run for time. I got 1.77 miles which made me happy.


Running + strength workout (see below – it’s a goodie!)


Running + strength workout

This workout is no joke. I took one of my past strength workouts and added in some cardio and plyometrics to make it a complete workout. The running gets even more challenging as the workout continues and your body fatigues. I grouped each set based on the muscles involved as well as the equipment/space needed in order to minimize set up time.


The strength portion is designed as decreasing sets  – meaning your reps go down after each set. Perform each round three times before moving on to the next round. For example, in round 1 you would run 400 meters and then perform 20 plank rows, 20 dumbbell push ups, and 20 v-ups. Then you would do 15 plank rows, 15 push ups, and 15 v-ups…and so on. So you only do one block of running per round (you’re welcome). You should finish the workout at 1200 meters. Or, add in a final 400 at the end to make it a complete mile. I finished this in 35 minutes. Enjoy!


A Fit Mess

Check out YouTube if you have questions about these exercises or would like to see them demoed. And please let me know if you try it!


This workout and more can be found on my Pinterest page. Follow me there!


What have your workouts looked like lately? 

What is your ideal training schedule?


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