We need to start somewhere

September 22, 2016

I was finishing up at the gym the other day and two men came up next to meet and started to prepare for their workout. One guy was a total newbie and the other was coaching him through his program. I was on the floor stretching so I ended up watching them for a bit. The new guy didn’t have any experience at the gym. He seemed slightly uncomfortable and he was struggling with the workout, but he kept at it. It took everything in me not to high-five him and tell him he’s doing awesome. I was really impressed that he was putting himself out there, allowing himself to be vulnerable, pushing through for change. Essentially he was taking his first step towards better health and a longer life.


I bet we all know what it’s like to be in his position – maybe beginning something for the first time or maybe starting over again. Making the choice to change is difficult. It’s not easy to commit to changing something – whether it’s your appearance, health, relationships, or job. And taking that first step or two can be HARD.



Seeing this guy in the gym made me realize that we are all in his place at some point. We have a goal. We have a need. And yet we can’t start. Maybe it will hurt, maybe it will be uncomfortable, or maybe we don’t think we can. What if we fail? The negative self talk can bring us down. It can give us one million reasons why we shouldn’t do something. Maybe that’s why we can’t begin.


But we all have to start somewhere. We just need to start.


Taking one small step in the right direction can bring about so many positive things. I can recall several times in the last few years when I started something new in order to accomplish a goal or fill a need:


  • Training and running my first marathon.
  • Taking my first Orangetheory class.
  • Teaching myself how to knit by watching YouTube videos.
  • Learning about the Paleo diet and how to prepare/cook my own meals.
  • Finally making the choice to start a blog and share my life and thoughts with others.
  • Completing my first Whole30.


I love this article by Becoming Minimalist because it really encompasses how I feel. We can start big. We can start small. Just start somewhere.


Because even if we fail, we are making progress. Let’s give ourselves permission to start again. To start over as many times as needed. This is our journey.





“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.”

Walt Disney


“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

JK Rowling


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