Saying good bye to summer + recent Whole30 eats

September 8, 2016

Yesterday felt like a true summer day, but there was no one around – which made me realize that the season is just about over and everyone is back to school and work. The girls and I soaked up the last bit of summer and had a great day together.


We ventured out after breakfast and swung by Whole Foods for a coffee (for mom) and then the playground (for them). These goofballs! Maddie kept saying, “Ash, you’re killing me!” Ha!

imageAfter about 30 minutes in the sun we realized it was waaaay too hot outside (seriously, why are playgrounds always in direct sun?) so we decided to head to the pool to cool off.


We spent an hour or so splashing around. It was nice to get some swim time in before our pool closes for the season. Mango La Croix = awesome.


The girls napped for around 2 hours and I worked for awhile. When Matt got home, I left for a long walk around the neighborhood. Oh my gosh – it was SO nice outside! I turned on Revolution Health Radio with Chris Kresser and zoned out for a good hour while walking. Seriously, I could listen to this guy talk all day!


Thankfully, our walking trail is pretty shady, but I still got super sweaty during my walk.


Funny side note: I was happy to see our neighborhood finally got the paved entrance fixed. Last year I totally bit it when I tripped over an exposed brick while running. #embarrassing


The girls woke up after I got home and I worked upstairs for another hour or so while Matt made them dinner.

I also got a chance to try on my September Stitch Fix items! Love! Full review coming soon.

A Fit Mess

We took one more trip outside to play with our chalk before heading in for a bath. The night ended with movies and popcorn for the girls. All in all a really nice day.

Recent Whole30 eats

I’m on day 4 of Whole30 and so far I’m feeling pretty good. The first two days I had a dull headache which really bothered me. And I feel a bit more tired than usual, but I’m hoping this will pass quickly. I remember feeling really good right out of the gate the first time around, but that was a year ago and I’m sure every experience will be different.


My meals have been really good lately and I’ve definitely managed to get in my greens and stick to the program. I will say that it is MUCH less stressful for me this time around since I know what I can eat and what to avoid.


Let’s start with breakfasts…


Chia pudding made with homemade almond milk, mashed with 1/2 cup of raspberries and topped with almond butter, cinnamon and banana slices.

A Fit Mess

More chia pudding, but this time I mixed it with 1/2 of a sweet potato and topped with cinnamon. Note: you’re supposed to try and limit your nuts and seeds on the program, but I like having an option other than eggs and meat.

A Fit Mess

Hard-boiled eggs, asparagus, and avocado slices.

A Fit Mess

Lunches included a lot of salads and meats.

Packed lunch for work: spinach salad topped with carrots, green beans, sweet potato, and a sliced turkey burger.

A Fit Mess

Another green salad, but this one has grilled chicken, olives, sunflower seeds, green beans, snap peas, and tomatoes on it.


MORE salad! This one was topped with with eggs, sun dried tomatoes, and green beans. I also had an apple and some plantain chips.

spinach salad with eggs

And this ranch dressing from Tessemae’s is so good! I’ve been enjoying it A LOT!


Dinners consisted of a lot of crockpot meals.

Turkey chili topped with avocado.

A Fit Mess

Tuna mixed with sun dried tomatoes in olive oil and 1/2 mashed avocado layered over greens, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and nuts. I also ate several handfuls of plantain chips.

A Fit Mess

Leftover turkey chili mixed with roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes.

chili + broccoli + sweet potatoes

Chicken thighs with veggies. Roasted broccoli on the side.

A Fit Mess

Larabars for snacks and to have post workout. The lemon bar is a winner!


I also made sure I had a bunch of non-alcoholic refreshments on hand to enjoy.


I’m usually a fan of the buchi kombucha (far right) but the apple and lime flavor was horrible. I couldn’t even drink it!


Okay, I’m off to shower and get ready for work! Have a great day, everyone!


Anyone doing W30? Please share your meal ideas below! 

Is summer really over? I feel both happy and sad about it. 

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