Friday faves 15

September 16, 2016

Hey, hey. I hope you all had a fabulous week! I’m doing very little this weekend and I’m excited to be nearing the halfway point of Whole30.


Let’s get into our Friday faves post. A series I started a few months ago to share some of the things I’m loving lately. Play along by sharing your favorites in the comments section!


Friday faves 15

Harrisa spread from Trader Joe’s – This chili paste is no joke! It packs a lot of flavor and a TON of heat. Start slowly, friends.

A Fit Mess

Smoked salmon bacon from Trader Joe’s – Stop what you are doing and BUY this! It’s delicious. And Whole30 approved!

A Fit Mess

All the La Croix – especially mango!

A Fit Mess

Chia pudding – breakfast on Whole30 is either eggs or chia pudding. Lately chia pudding has been winning.

A Fit Mess

This lace detail top from Stitch FixI am wearing it non-stop.

A Fit Mess

Quantico – My bestie recommended this show and I am hooked! Lots of twists, tons of action, and relationship drama, too. Watch it!


Zoodles – zucchini noodles are super easy to make and are a delicious replacement for “spaghetti”. My Italian ancestors may not feel the same, but we love this in our house. I use this spiralizer. The best $23 you will ever spend.

A Fit Mess

Milk frother – this was a gift from my mother-in-law (she gives the best presents!) and I use it all the time. It can froth hot and cold beverages. I use it to whip my almond milk up before adding my coffee. I’ve also used it to make coconut whipped cream. I want to froth everything! It’s found on Amazon, too!

A FiT Mess

Local moms! Be sure to check out this awesome Halloween Costume Rental Service started by Kim Johnson. Just join the Facebook group and start searching for the perfect costume for your baby or child. No more spending $40 on a a costume for your little one. The average rental price is $5! Such a great idea.

Halloween Rental

Kids in the kitchen! Lately the girls have really wanted to help me “cook” so I’ve been letting them help make little meals with me. Our cooking can get messy, but at least we are having fun!


Around the web

How to use less plastic in your home – Holy smokes! It will take 450 years for a disposable diaper to break down?!

The gift of having a sister – I love this! Exactly how I feel about my sister. And it is a good reminder of why I’m glad my girls have each other.

Mother-daughter tampon text <– so hilarious! 🙂
Enjoy the weekend!

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