Friday faves 14

September 2, 2016

Hello, friends. I hope you all are doing well. We’re all over here waiting to see what Hurricane Hermine is going to do. At the very least we will have lots of rain today and tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will turn around for the long weekend. What do you have planned?


Once again it’s time for my Friday faves series where I share the things I’m enjoying right now. I’d love to hear about what you’re loving, too!


Friday faves 14


Greek yogurt – I started eating yogurt again while on vacation and it’s become a regular breakfast item for me. Even though I’m lactose-intolerant, I can handle yogurt fairly well. I love tossing in some nuts, berries, and granola (this was Udi’s GF vanilla flavor).

A Fit Mess

Organic coconut snacks from Creative Snacks Co. – This delicious find was discovered at the Piggly Wiggly in Surfside Beach. It was my first time at the PW – a bit confusing to navigate – but these treats were SO GOOD! They powered me during my entire 3.5 hour drive home from the beach!

coconut snacks

Good Thins – sweet potato flavor – I’m sorry in advance for your latest snack habit. These are so good. I think I ate the entire box myself in a day. They have a buttery – sweet taste and are even better dipped in guacamole!

Good thins2

Thrive Market – I’ve been hearing about Thrive for years, and recently signed up for the service when I received a promotional offer for a free thirty-day trial and a complimentary jar of coconut oil. You know how I love coconut oil!

Thrive is an online market where you can purchase natural and organic groceries at deeply discounted prices. There’s a yearly fee for the service ($59.95), but it may be worth it to receive the wholesale prices on items we tend to buy often! I will be sure to share my experience. To learn more about Thrive or to sign up for your free trial visit their website.

A Fit Mess

Kate Spade 17-Month Large Agenda – I am in love with this planner…and I should be. It’s been a long a process – buying and returning ones until I got it right. But this one is perfect! It has everything I need, including the yearly, monthly, AND daily views. Plus the gold dots make it so stylish. I am totally on the paper train in terms of scheduling. #oldschool

Nail your pot luck dishes with these! OMG Yum.

This HUGE sale on all furniture and rugs from West Elm (use code THISISBIG).

TRX workouts – So challenging, so awesome. It definitely gives me the body shakes every time.

A Fit Mess

The pros and cons of taking your toddler to Great Wolf Lodge – parents, if you are considering a trip to GWL, READ THIS!

I’m thinking of trying Fabletics. Anyone using it? I’d love to know your thoughts (and send me your referral link!).

If you need a reason to ditch soda then READ this.


Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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