What’s your vacation style? Plus do-anywhere workouts!

August 18, 2016

Hey there. Happy Thursday! I can’t believe our trip is right around the corner. I’ve decided to get a jump on things and get the three of us packed and I’m just about finished. It’s funny – I put a lot of thought into what the girls will wear and the things they may need, but when it came time for my stuff I kind of just threw a bunch of things together. #momlife

A Fit Mess
Packing up the girls
A Fit Mess
And whatever mom can throw together for herself

This girls are doing really well with using the potty (they wear pull-ups at night and during naps), but I am a bit nervous about keeping up the routine while we are in a new environment. I’ve heard from other parents that sometimes travel can throw off your potty progress, so I’m going to be prepared with extra changes of clothes. I also packed 1,000 pairs of Minnie Mouse, Princess Sophia, and Elmo undies.

A Fit Mess

As for my stuff – comfortable is the name of the game. We’ll be at the beach so I’ll likely just wear loungey clothes. However, I made sure to pack plenty of workout clothes. I was glad to hear our condo has an exercise room, but I’m not sure what the set up is so I’ve started to plan a variety of workouts that can be done inside, at the gym, or on the beach.


Some people like to use vacation as a time to scale back on their workouts or rest completely. Personally, I find I can relaxed even more when I’ve managed to add in a workout to my day. I used to think this was odd, but my body really craves a good sweat and so I’m embracing this feeling. In a way it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something and really sets the tone for my day. I’m planning on working out at least a few times while we are gone and I’m hoping to add in several walks on the beach.


Some of the fitness equipment I plan on bringing include:

  • TRX (so easy to throw over your door)
  • jump rope
  • resistance bands
  • tennis ball (for rolling out my feet)


Here are some of my favorite exercises to do while I’m travelling. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to travel/home workouts that are perfect for on the go.

Body weight + HIIT workouts (no equipment needed)

A Fit Mess


This HIIT is a quick and easy way to get your heart rate up and gain strength. Complete 5 rounds for a total of 30 minutes.

Mother's Day HIIT

HIIT Cardio Session from Jen Jewell

I love this workout so, so much. It’s a good one for sure. Each time I do it I’m exhausted after. If you don’t have a jump rope you can just simulate jumping rope.


Minimal equipment workouts

6 Dumbbell Exercises, 3 Full-Body Workouts by Tina Haupert  – I haven’t tried these yet, but Tina’s workouts are always great!

This simple upper body super set would be an excellent way to squeeze in a quick workout. Only a set of dumbbells required!

A Fit Mess


When it comes to diet, I also give myself some room to enjoy food and drinks while I am on vacation. Time away should be an experience we all enjoy so I’m not going to stress about being 100% clean or gluten/dairy free. But I always make sure I drink a ton of water while I am away to stay hydrated. And when it comes to managing toddlers on a trip, snacks are key!


Finally, I just want to thank everyone for sharing their comments and opinions after I posted about some of my hesitations regarding travelling with my kids. Your thoughts were very inspiring (and also funny). I appreciate your feedback and I loved reading your thoughts. I very much believe that traveling with kids is essential and that eventually things will get easier. But just as the girls will need to adjust to being away and learning to go with the flow, I also need to adapt to being out of my comfort zone and off my routine. The good thing is I will have a lot of help. And it’s going to be a lot of fun!


What is your vacation style like?

Do you enjoy working out when you travel or do you prefer to rest?

What are your favorite snacks to travel with?



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