Weekend recap: the runaround, date night, + workouts

August 1, 2016

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. It has been H-O-T around here. The Carolina heat is no joke right now. We are really trying to limit our time outdoors and find indoor activities to keep us busy.


Here are some highlights from our weekend…


The Little Gym fun! This time both girls crawled across the bars using their arms and legs. Hooray!

A Fit Mess

Enjoying a celebratory treat at Bean Traders. PSA: their gluten-free pumpkin muffin is the best thing EVER!

A Fit Mess

A Fit Mess

Indoor playground fun.
Our local mall has a play area for kids. We spent some time there before heading to Panera for breakfast. I love this pic of my girl. <3


Maddie’s wearing this shirt with pink sharks on it and I just love it. So cute.


Saturday morning workout followed by shopping and errands. The usual runaround for me.


I also attended a rowing clinic at Orangetheory. It was super helpful and I definitely took away some great pointers. I don’t have the best rowing technique so I am glad I made it to this clinic. We followed it up with some foam rolling which made me want to cry (hurtsogood).


Saturday evening dinner out with friends. We went to Acme in Chapel Hill which is easily my favorite local place to eat.


Whenever we go I always order the seasonal sangria. This one was watermelon and mint and it was so refreshing!

A Fit Mess

I ordered the tuna and it was pretty good. It came with stewed tomatoes, okra, and wild rice. It wasn’t as flavorful as I remember it being the last time I ordered it, but it was still tasty.

A Fit Mess

It deluged while we were in the restaurant so we waited it out and talked at our table for awhile.


After dinner drinks at Glasshalfull. Cava for the ladies = we are all too funny. The conversations we had were hysterical and I’m pretty sure we started to bother those around us, but it felt really good to laugh and hang out with our friends. I’ve definitely been feeling down lately with all the negativity going around and it was nice to just enjoy the evening and relax.


By some miracle the girls slept in until 7:30 AM on Sunday. I was grateful for this since I was moving a bit slowly that morning.


At the last minute I decided to head out to a hot yoga class. I literally left less than 10 minutes before class started and walked in late which I hate, but I was glad I made it to my mat. It felt really good to sweat and I was drenched after class. I joked that I left all my drinks on the mat.


The rest of the weekend was cleaning, laundry, keeping up with potty training (<–going well) , and random errands. It all goes by too quickly!


Last week’s workouts:

I’ve managed to get three yoga practices in this week which is pretty amazing. All my other workouts have been Orangetheory. I’m feeling good right now other than some annoying shin pain that crops up every once in awhile. I’m going to try and incorporate more foam rolling and massage work since that seems to help a lot. I feel very grateful that my body is strong again. It took me a long time to get back to feeling like my old self again after having the girls. But we are capable of so many incredible things and I feel lucky that my body was able to heal and find its way back again.







Hot yoga – 60 minutes




Yoga – 30 minutes


Orangetheory (am)

Rowing clinic (pm)


Hot yoga – 75 minutes


How was your weekend? What were your highlights? Love or hate the rower? Anyone getting on the mat lately?

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