Total body TRX workout + the best portable fitness gear

A Fit Mess
August 23, 2016

I was reminded recently on vacation why I LOVE using a TRX suspension trainer when I discovered that the resort’s “gym” was actually a tiny room with a treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike. I was disappointed to see they didn’t have any free weights or equipment. Rather than skip my workout I grabbed my TRX and within minutes began a total body workout that got my heart rate up and left me a sweaty mess.


What is a TRX?


The TRX is a suspension training tool that was originally developed by a Navy SEAL. It relies on gravity and body weight to promote strength and balance. Every movement requires you to engage and stabilize your core, making it a challenging and effective workout that anyone can do. There are literally hundreds of exercises that can be done with a TRX and the extreme ease with which it can be set up eliminates any excuse for not working out. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you can get a total body workout done just about anywhere.


What’s to love about the TRX?


The TRX may be my favorite piece of equipment, not only due to it’s portability and simple set up, but because it’s extremely challenging. The movements force you to keep your core and muscles engaged (for balance) so even when you are doing an upper body movement, you are still working your entire body! Plus, the TRX requires you to focus on your form which is a key part of any resistance training program.  And the suspension straps allow you to adjust your position to make the exercises more (or less) challenging.


Some of the benefits of TRX training include:

  • Portable and easy to travel with (you can easily throw it in your bag)
  • Can be used anywhere – a gym, hotel, or home (all you need is a door)
  • Builds muscle and strengthens core
  • Unlimited number of exercises that can be done
  • Perfect for all fitness levels


There are tons of TRX workouts available online. YouTube and Pinterest are great places to find free programs. The program I designed below is a total body workout that alternates between upper and lower body movements. Repeat each super set three times before moving on to the next super set. Please don’t take any rest in between the movements. The exercises can be scaled by moving your feet closer or father away from the wall. You may need to experiment with your positions a bit.


A Fit Mess


In my opinion, a TRX suspension trainer is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to incorporate a total body workout into their fitness routine. It’s great for people who travel or for those with limited space. I am totally in love with mine! There are lots of options available for purchase, depending on your needs. I use this one (available on Amazon Prime!) and I have been very happy with it!


Do you have a TRX? What are your favorite workouts?

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