Oh, the things toddlers say!

August 17, 2016

Life with two three-year olds can be quite funny at times. Even without realizing it our girls will say something that makes us laugh right out loud. I’ve decided I’d better start writing these down!



Here are some of the recent things they’ve said…



Maddie: “Mommy, I want to be a mommy someday and have two babies!”

Me: “That would be wonderful, Maddie. You’d be a great mommy!”

Ashlyn: “I never want to be a mommy. Not ever! It’s too boooorrring!” (<–she really exaggerated the word “boring” haha)



I think it’s important to note, I was not present for the following conversation! I am taking Matt at his word.

Maddie: “Daddy, you’re a king! Hail king daddy!”



The girls watched a show that had a scene with the tooth fairy in it and after it ended they asked me a lot of questions about her.

Maddie: “Mommy, what’s a tooth fairy?”

Me: “Well, she comes and takes your teeth when they fall out to make room for your big girl teeth.”

Maddie: “No!! I don’t want the tooth fairy to steal my teeth!”

Ashlyn: “I’m never, ever gonna let the tooth fairy take my teeth!”



Ashlyn always asks to smell my coffee when I’m drinking a cup. She’ll stick her face in really close to smell it and then say, “Mmmmmm.”

Me: “Do you like the smell of coffee?”

Ashlyn: “Mmm hmmm. I can’t wait until I can drink coffee with you.”

And if we ever go to Target and I don’t stop at Starbucks she’ll say, “What about your coffee?” Haha. She knows me so well.



Matt will always ask the girls if they want anything specific from the grocery store before he leaves and their answers are usually the same…

Matt: “What do you want from the grocery store?”

Ashlyn: “Meat. And olives. And eggs.”

Maddie: “I want plantain chips.” Haha. Me, too, girl.



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