Friday faves 12

August 12, 2016

Hey, hey. It’s Friday and I’m grateful the weekend has arrived. We don’t have much planned, but that’s a good thing for us. Let’s jump right into the Friday faves series, okay?

Friday faves 12

My personal training certificate has arrived! I’m officially legit. 🙂 I suppose I need to update my bio now. I’m already thinking about the next course I want to take.

A Fit Mess

Toasted coconut soy candle – I picked this up at Target and it smells absolutely delicious. The coconut scent makes me feel all kinds of happy. Soy candles are a better choice for you and the environment. Unlike paraffin candles (which are made from petroleum), soy candles come from soybeans and do not emit any carcinogenic substances into the air. I think they smell better, too!

A Fit Mess

Fresh figs! Can we just talk about how juicy these look? I wish you could taste these through the screen. I’ve been cutting them up and drizzling with a touch of honey.

A FiT mess

I love this celebration of post baby bellies. Let’s be PROUD of what our bodies can do.

A mini composition notebook. I mean, seriously. It’s too cute not to have. As I often say to Matt, “I just have all these thoughts.” And this notebook is the perfect size for jotting down things when I’m on the go.

A Fit Mess

The BEST stretch for every tight spot on your body. Omg, YES! Pinning this up at work. Am I the only one who feels like my triceps are screaming at me?

Starbucks now carries boxed lunches. How great is this? They even list all the ingredients and nutritional information right on the cover. Love it. Anyone try these?

A Fit Mess

Indian coconut nectar body butter by Pacifica. I bought this as a gift, but I liked it so much I got one for myself. It smells wonderful and it’s really rich and creamy.

A Fit Mess

McDonald’s ice tea. I’m sorry, but there are some things that McDonald’s does right and that’s their iced tea. Any size for $1.


Watch this video where Simone Biles’s mom talks about her daughter’s passion and drive. LOVE.

How to clean your makeup brushes properly (<–OK, I need to do this ASAP)

Just one more reason to love Anne Hathaway.


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