Blogging safely + the key to balance

Blogging Safely - A Fit Mess
August 3, 2016

Occasionally people will ask me if I ever worry about privacy issues on my blog and whether having so much information online is safe. I want to take some time today to focus on this concern and explain some of the precautions I take to keep myself safe.


How do I feel about sharing parts of my personal life on the internet?

Should I limit what I talk about to protect myself and my loved ones?


To be honest, this is something that I think about quite a bit. Yes, I sometimes wonder if perhaps I share too much. When I first started blogging I did worry about mentioning my family, especially my kids, online. I never want to put their safety (or my own) at risk. I am careful with the information I divulge and what I offer to everyone. I will always, always have safety at the forefront of my mind.


There will always be things I won’t share, like:

  • Our home address
  • My work address
  • Pictures that have any personal information in the background (mail, packages, street signs, etc.)
  • My cell phone or home phone numbers


While I’m sure if someone REALLY wanted to find this information out they probably could, I certainly don’t want to make it easier for him/her. And this goes for everyone – not just bloggers and writers. There’s a lot of information about each of us out there already.


And there are things I choose not to blog about for personal reasons. For example, I choose not to write about my mother. At least not right now. And I try not to talk about my extended family or friends. I will always get permission before posting a picture of someone or mentioning names because I want to respect other people’s privacy. I also like to keep my day job out of the blog because the two should always remain separate.


What I choose to share are things that a) I feel would be relevant to you as readers or b) would be something you might be able to relate to. It’s extremely important to me that I be sincere in everything I write. I always want to be true to myself – and you! If I filtered things then it wouldn’t paint an accurate picture for you.  And honestly, it would kind of defeat the purpose. Personally, I enjoy a blog even more when I get to know the person behind it.


Blogging is new to me. I don’t have all the answers and maybe one day my feelings will change, but right now I’m okay with providing a detailed account of my life. And I think you appreciate that, too. In fact, my most popular posts tend to be the every day ones that I share.


That being said, I hope that you will let me know if you think something I’ve shared may put me or others at risk. I never want to jeopardize my safety or the safety of those around me.


How do I balance blogging with my personal life?


If you are a regular reader then you know I’m in the habit of posting 5x/week. Although I don’t post on the weekends, that doesn’t mean I’m not writing. In fact, the majority of my writing takes place during early mornings and stolen minutes on my days off.


I put a lot of work into my blog. In fact, I spend several hours a week working, whether it’s writing, creating images, or promoting articles. Sometimes I let it stress me out way too much. There was that time when all of my navigation menus disappeared (!)…


When I feel myself under pressure to post or I get caught up in the blogging world, I have to stop and remind myself why I started blogging in the first place: as an outlet for enjoyment. I get so much out of writing, but it’s not my day job. It’s a hobby. I forget that sometimes and Matt is usually the one to remind me that it’s okay to take breaks. I never want to miss a special moment with the girls because I’m trying to snap a picture of my food or I’m typing a post. And I don’t want to burn out on something that I truly enjoy doing. I think this can apply to all hobbies – not just writing. If we push ourselves too much then it can really take the fun out of something that should be, well, fun.


I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Please comment or share below. 


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