5 things to do to get back on track after vacation

A Fit Mess
August 30, 2016

You guys. I haven’t had a week long vacation in quite some time. After spending seven days at the beach I am definitely feeling a bit sluggish this week. Although I stuck with mostly healthy foods, I definitely indulged (tortilla chips and salsa…M&Ms…oh, and the funfetti cake my sister made! Mmmm) and drank more than I usually do (wine, beer, etc.). Of course, vacation is about relaxing and doing whatever feels comfortable, but it can sometimes make it difficult to get back on track. Maybe you can relate?


Here’s what I’m trying to do to help myself get back on track post vacation:


1. Eating clean and ditching processed foods. Not only do processed foods have very little nutritional value, they can be loaded with sugar and salt. I’m trying to stick to whole foods and eat as clean as possible right now. This means veggies and fruits along with meat and eggs. And I need to be more mindful of when I’m eating. On vacation I felt like I was snacking a lot more than normal and “grazing” quite a bit between meals. It helps me to stay on track when I focus on eating every 3 hours and having quality meals (a good mix of fat/protein/carbs).


2. Cutting back on alcohol (for awhile) and staying hydrated. I believe alcohol is a necessity for parents, but taking some time off from indulging in adult beverages can be really helpful following vacation. Alcohol can really dehydrate you and make you look and feel bloated. Plus, the added sugar and calories aren’t that great either! Additionally, I try to drink more water than usual to help flush everything out and get by body back to baseline.


3. Prioritizing my work. Okay, I must admit…I did check my email and review my  calendar several times while on vacation. I just didn’t want to come back to hundreds of emails and feel overwhelmed. I believe that vacation should be spent free from work, however, it made me feel more relaxed when I checked in a few times. This is really a personal preference.

I plan on starting my work this morning by reviewing the highest priority items and tackling those projects first. The other tasks can come after the bigger items have been handled. Since I can sometimes get distracted by things like email notifications and calendar pop-ups, I’m going to make sure I turn those off while I dive into the big tasks. <—This is such a huge help!


4.  Creating a plan or a fitness goal. Even though I am pretty good about working out while on vacation, I don’t like to have a set plan. I go by how I’m feeling and what the day looks like. And I definitely don’t push myself as hard as I normally do. It keeps me motivated to jump back into a regular routine when I have outlined my post-travel workout routine and short term goals. Having something written down definitely encourages me to stick with my plan and helps me identify what I want to focus on.


5. Partnering with loved ones or friends. While on vacation, my sister and I agreed to keep each other more accountable with each other’s fitness goals. This means checking in via text about our daily workouts and meals. It really helps to know someone is supporting you and encouraging you. Plus the sister guilt factor is real! Knowing there is someone checking in with me keeps me motivated!


What do you do to get back on track after vacation?



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