4 reasons why I had successful trip with toddlers + workouts while on vacation

August 29, 2016

Good morning! It’s Monday and I have one more day on “vacation.” Even though I’m back home, I appreciate having an extra day to just catch up on stuff. I have tons of emails to sort through and little errands to run. It’s back to reality for me now!


If you tuned into my blog last week then you know my trip to Surfside, SC went better than expected. In fact, my family and I agreed it was one of our best trips yet. I traveled with my twin three-year-old girls and the car ride down (3.5 hours each way) and the entire week went really well. Prior to leaving town, I was super nervous about travelling with the girls. Our past experiences with them have not gone that well and given that Matt was not coming along I was even more worried that I would be out of my element as the only parent present.


But things worked out and we had a great time! Looking back on the trip I have a few thoughts as to why it went smoothly this time around.


4 reasons why I had a successful trip with my toddlers


1. I had help. Tons. Of. Help. My dad, sister, and brother-in-law were right there and stepped in often to help me with the girls. It was so nice to have extra hands around so that if I needed time to shower, workout, or just take time to clean up, someone was always willing to watch the girls. It really made me appreciate having family around.


2.  The kid factor. Oh my gosh! How did I not think about this before? My sister has four kids and it definitely helped to have some little ones around for the girls to play with. The girls had a lot of fun playing with their cousins and it was great to see everyone getting along. One night I just sat on the deck and watched the kids play with beach balls and bubbles on the lawn. I don’t know why this made me so happy, but it was the best feeling to watch the kids playing and laughing.


3.  We kept the kids active. Like really active. We made sure to get them out of the house every day. Whether it was the water park, beach, zoo, pool, or children’s museum, we kept them moving, moving, moving. Other than meals and nap time (and one fun trip to the movies!), we really didn’t do any sitting around. This meant we had tired kiddos at the end of the day. And there really is nothing better than that.

A Fit Mess

4.  I broke the rules. I was much more lenient with the girls on the trip than normal. I let them snack on chips, popsicles, and other goodies. Of course, I made sure everything was gluten and dairy free, but I let them enjoy themselves. I said “yes” a lot. I let them stay up past their bedtimes, too. Most nights they went to bed around 8:30/9:00 pm, but we got solid two hour naps every day and they slept through the night for the entire week. I’m sure they loved staying up late with the big kids and getting to watch movies in bed with mom. 🙂


Yes, there were meltdowns and crying. Occasionally the girls fought with each other. And we had more than one accident in our clothing. But overall the trip was a win! The girls keep saying they miss their cousins and want to go back to Papa’s beach house. Sweet. 🙂


Last week’s workouts (on vacation)


Burpee / v-up challenge (this workout was sent to me by a friend): complete descending set of burpees and v-ups starting from 10 and working your way down to 1. So, complete 10 burpees and 10 v-ups, then 9 burpees and 9 v-ups and so on.

Later that day I did my TRX workout (see my previous post for the full workout).

Then, I completed a 20 minute Tabata with my sister!



  • Run 1 mile then complete 1 round of a 25/50 bodyweight workout (I honestly can’t remember what I did!)
  • Run 0.5 mile then round 2 of the same workout
  • Later on: walked 1.5 miles at the zoo








REST (drive home from the beach)



Orangetheory Fitness —> good to be back, but I definitely felt like I was paying for my vacation



  • Run 1.0 mile
  • Round 1 of my arm + ab burner workout
  • Run 0.75 mile
  • Round 2 of arm + ab burner
  • Run 0.50 mile
  • Round 3 of arm + ab burner
  • Run 0.25 mile…done!


Love or hate travel with toddlers? Any tips for having a successful trip?

Do you like to workout on vacation or take the time off from training?

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