Weekend highlights, workouts, and good news!

Hey, hey. I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was pretty good. Just a few quick highlights to share…

Lots of craziness with these goofballs!

A Fit Mess

Saturday morning I worked out and the girls and I hit up Bean Traders for some yummies. We shared a cinnamon apple muffin (gluten and dairy free) and a vegan banana chocolate breakfast bar. They were deeeelicious!

A Fit Mess

Ashlyn’s face is so funny – she doesn’t quite know where to start.

A Fit Mess

Ohh – and I’ve started to experiment with adding iced coffee to my post workout protein shake and it’s SUPER tasty. I’ll share my recipe soon since I’m still tweaking it.

A Fit Mess

Later on Target, shopping, and the runaround. We also played outside, but only for a little while because holy moly it was hot!


The evening ended with some nice wine (for me).

A Fit Mess

AND I have some pretty awesome news — I passed my personal training exam and I am now a certified Poliquin personal trainer!! (<–deserves two exclamation points.) I decided to just go for it and take the exam already. I was studying on and off for the last four months and felt prepared for the test. I’m super excited and I’ll share more on that soon. Lots of good things to come!


Sunday included some pool time, some gym time, and a little nap time. <3

A Fit Mess

Last week’s workouts

I’ve still been focusing on increasing my strength and even though I took two rest days this week, I felt pretty great throughout my workouts. Saturday morning’s workout suffered a bit because of my wine the night before (ahem), but it was a good reminder of why I shouldn’t drink when I have an early class – ha!



Tuesday – upper body strength

3 rounds of each

  • chest press (15)
  • DB push ups (10)


  • lateral raise (15)
  • stability ball pull ins (15)


  • shoulder press (15)
  • 1 arm DB row (15)
  • v-ups (15)


  • DB curl to lower (15)
  • front raise (15)
  • reverse crunch (25)



3.5 mile run outside (OMG it was hot!)







Sunday – legs

super set

  • leg press 3 x 15
  • jump squats 3 x 15


super set

  • DB lunges 3 x 15
  • jump rope 3 x 1 min.


super set

  • leg extensions 3 x 20
  • lateral band walks 3 x 20


  • DB squat 3 x 15


  • calf press on leg machine 3 x 20


  • jump squats 3 x 15


And the winner of the Beautycounter giveaway is Cassandra! 

I don’t wear makeup anymore, but these products sound like they would be amazing. The charcoal mask would be something I would use though!

Congrats, girl! I will email you shortly. And thank you to everyone for entering the giveaway! 

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