Friday faves 9

July 15, 2016

Heeeeyyy. Friday, Friday, Friday! Can you tell I’m happy that it’s here? I have some fun things to share in this post so I’ll jump right in to what I’m loving lately.


Friday faves 9


Starbucks iced coffee – It’s been such a treat to have this in the house. It’s perfect for mid-day when it’s blazing out and I want coffee, but I can’t stand the heat. It’s surprisingly smooth and light. I add a few splashes of almond milk to mine. Doesn’t it look delicious? I wish you could come through the screen to try this.

A Fit Mess

10 must try watermelon recipes – yes, please! These all look fantastic!

Scunci hair wraps – I hate, hate, hate, hair on my face when I workout so I’m always looking for things to keep my sweaty strands in check. I love the bright, new line of hair wraps from Scunci. I found these at Target.

A Fit Mess

This article makes me feel a tad better about Ashlyn sucking her thumb.

L-Glutamine – I’ve been taking glutamine for about a year now and it’s been helpful for me. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and supports many things like digestion, muscle growth, and immune health. Extensive exercise can really deplete your glutamine stores so I supplement with this to help speed up my recovery and muscle repair. It dissolves quickly in water and is tasteless. Love it!
A Fit Mess

Easy V Sugar Wash Tee by Athleta – Remember how I’ve been searching for a comfy, plain white tee for…oh, an eternity? I have finally found the perfect one! It’s from Athleta and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s really soft, not see through, and looks great with everything. I can tuck it into my jeans or throw it over my bathing suit. Buy. This.

A Fit Mess

Pssst Athleta is having its semi annual sale and items are discounted up to 60% off (I’m sorry in advance for your spending).

Plank is the new crunch. I love learning new ways to challenge my core, especially when many of them use only your bodyweight. I’m tired just reading this.

Banana split ice cream dish – This is way too much fun, right?


Hmm. I may have to try this trick next time I do some public speaking (eck!).

The real way to get back in shape by Adam Bornstein – I loved reading this article and found it very insightful. I especially liked when he said:

By shifting my focus to different goals and removing the stress of the mirror, I discovered a philosophy that changed my life, shaped my career, and allowed me to transform my body. I am a model of failure, and that is why I have succeeded. I never quit. And I never stopped learning or worrying about how long it took to make changes. I measured myself by different metrics of progress.



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Clearly Kombucha – Strawberry Hibiscus – For anyone who might be a tad nervous to try kombucha, check out the Clearly Kombucha brand. It’s light and a bit less intense than other kombuchas. I think you’ll love it.

Clearly Kombucha

Have a lovely weekend!

Do you have a favorite white tee?

Do you prefer iced coffee or hot coffee in the summer?




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