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A Fit Mess
July 1, 2016

Friday, I love everything about you! I’m so glad you are here. It’s going to be a rainy holiday weekend, but it’s nice to have some time off. What are your plans for the 4th? I hope you have something fun to do!


I have a lot to share with you today so I’ll jump right in.


Friday faves 7


Beautycounter’s nourishing rose water mist – I recently purchased this from my friend Jen who is a consultant for Beautycounter and I am loving this spray. It’s a light mist to be used on your face for a quick pick-me-up or to set makeup. I love the smell, too! I’ll be posting a full review on Beautycounter next week!

A Fit Mess

Hask Argan oil healing shine hair oil – Summers in the south = frizzy, flyaway hair. This oil tells my crazy hair to calm down. I have been using it for a few weeks and I really like it. It smooths my strands and adds a subtle shine. It’s small enough to carry in my purse and apply as need. You can use it on wet or dry hair.

A Fit Mess

Happy + Hale – To anyone who is not local (sorrynotsorry). Happy + Hale has quickly become one of my favorite lunch spots. They have a pretty small menu (juice, smoothies, and salad), but all of their items are delicious! Plus they have kombucha on tap –> love! Please tell me you will check it out.

A Fit Mess

Honest conditioning detangler – I’ve been using this spray on my girls’ hair for the last 6 months and I cannot say enough about it. I seriously have NO idea how A’s hair gets so snarled during bath time, but it’s almost impossible to comb her wet hair. This spray is the only thing that has worked for us. It’s simple to spray, removes the tangles, and makes it much easier to comb.


This interview with Jessica Alba – I admire JA so much and love her advice to women: “Dream big and go for it!” I also love what she says at the end about balancing being a working mom.

For all you avocado lovers out there! You’re welcome.

Ever wonder what all those strange health ingredients like matcha and spirulina are? This post provides a nice summary of some of the best ones to add to your next smoothie!

mango smoothie

YOU ARE Amazing clean on up I came across this super yummy body wash at Target the other day (I’m a sucker for body wash) and I love it! It’s grapefruit scented and smells amazing. It might be a Target in store exclusive so if you see it in the store be sure to grab it!

A Fit Mess

Stripe Swagger Skort from Athleta – I recently purchased this skirt after noticing it on another women at the gym. I had a bunch of Banana Rewards so I blew it on this item (of course it’s on sale now!). I’ve never worked out in a skirt before and I kind of love it. It’s not restricting at all and it has spandex/mesh shorts underneath that STAY PUT. I love the ruffles, too.


I’m definitely making these festive 4th of July Greek yogurt popsicles. The girls will flip!

Thred UP – After hearing about Thred UP everywhere, I’ve decided to jump on it, too. Wait, wait! With selling first. I’ve been cleaning and organizing my clothes for months and I usually just bring everything to Good Will, however, there are some designer brands that I’d like to see if I could earn some income on. Soooo – I’ve ordered a clean out bag from them. Listen to how simple this is: you order a bag from Thred UP, fill it with all the items you’d like to sell, they pick it up from your porch, and ship it for free! I’ll let you know how it goes.


So that’s it! I’ll be back later today to share a quick workout you can do on the holiday. Have a great weekend!


What are you loving lately? I really like to hear what others are enjoying.

Anyone else using Thred UP? What’s your experience like?


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