Weekend recap + home workout with stability ball and dumbbells

Hey there. I’m actually writing this post on Sunday afternoon because by some miracle both of my children are sleeping. I’ve heard the great rumor that toddlers usually drop their naps between the ages of 3 – 4 and this thought is mildly terrifying to me. So I’m taking advantage of the quiet while I still can. Sitting on the deck sipping coffee = perfect.


My weekend started with high hopes. I had a massage at Hand and Stone Friday evening, but by the time I got back home I was feeling pretty run down and a bit nauseous. I told Matt I just wanted to sleep it off so I went to bed early. I woke up Saturday morning feeling absolutely horrible. I had body aches, everything hurt, and I could barely hold my head up.


Needless to say the day was pretty much shot. Matt cancelled all his clients and stayed with the girls so I could rest. And that’s exactly what I did. In fact, I slept almost the entire day from 8 am until around 5 pm. I couldn’t do a thing except lie in bed, sleeping on and off. Around 6 pm I could finally sit upright and had some ginger ale and crackers. I was feeling a tiny bit better, but I still felt really weak and sick to my stomach. I missed the entire day!

A Fit Mess

Sunday morning I woke up and felt a million times better. I’m positive that’s because I was able to sleep for so long on Saturday. Getting sick so suddenly made me remember how important rest is for your body. It’s the best remedy when you are ill. And I’m really thankful Matt was here to stay with the girls because I was absolutely useless. How on earth do single parents manage when their kids are sick?

Matt got groceries early in the morning and then the girls helped me put it all away. Ashlyn’s face is too funny holding those ribs (her favorite).

A Fit Mess

After we put everything away I walked to the pool with the girls so Matt could finish up some things around the house before joining us. It’s ridiculous how many items you need for the pool when you have toddlers. Really?


After the pool we went to the playground for a bit before heading home. It was a good morning! And it felt great to be outside in the sunshine after spending all Saturday inside.


I’m taking it easy this afternoon. Staying hydrated and just resting. I haven’t worked out in a few days, but I’m a firm believer that taking time off when you need it is always the right thing to do. It’s easy to want to just jump back into your routine, but when you are getting over an illness it’s super important to ease into things. You’re not going to set yourself back by taking some time off. It will actually help you feel stronger for your next workout.


So that was pretty much my weekend. Getting sick, recovering, and just taking it easy. I’m bummed that I wasted most of the weekend, but I’m glad it was fast and furious and that I’m feeling better. I hope you are all healthy and happy, too.


Stability ball and dumbbell home workout

I’m excited to share a great upper body and ab workout for you to do at home. All you need is a stability ball and a set of dumbbells. Perform 15 reps of each exercise 3 -4 times before moving on to the next exercise. For the super/triple sets, complete each exercise in sequence without resting and repeat each round 3 -4 times. For example, perform 15 DB lateral raises and 15 stability ball pull ins without resting. Then go right back to the lateral raise. Repeat 3 – 4x. I’ve included video links to some of the exercises that you may not be familiar with.

A Fit Mess

Dumbbell push up

Stability ball pull ins

Zottman curl

This is a goodie! Please let me know if you try it. You can find this workout and more on my Pinterest page. Follow me there!

Last week’s workouts 

Monday – upper body

Incline DB press 3 x 15

DB shoulder press 3 x 15

super sets:

  • chest flys 3 x 15
  • plyo kettlebell push ups 3 x 10


  • one arm overhead kettlebell squat 3 x 8
  • v-ups 3 x 15


  • lateral raise 3 x 15
  • standing DB upright row 3 x 15
  • burpees 3 x 10
  • dips 3 x 15


  • knee raise 3 x 15
  • lying leg raise 3 x 15
  • push ups 3 x 15


Tuesday – cardio

5 min row to warm up

2.5 mile sprints on the treadmill 30 sec on / 30 sec off

ab work 3 x 20: reverse crunch, bicycles, v-ups



Wednesday – home workout

(see below)


Thursday – Orangetheory

This was peak week where every day there was a challenge. Our class had a 2000 meter row for time. I finished in 8 min.


Friday – REST


Saturday – REST (sick day)


Sunday – REST (1 hour walk outside)


In case you are just catching up, here are the posts from last week:


How was your weekend? Tell me something fun you did!

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