Friday faves 8: fill up your own cup

A Fit Mess
June 22, 2016

Hello there my friends! Happiest of Fridays to you. I’m looking forward to a few beautiful, sunny days after all the rain last weekend. What do you have going on? I’m not sure what we will get into, but I’m sure it will be a lot of running around with the girls.


I thought I’d do something a bit different with this Friday faves post and talk a bit about the practice of filling up your own cup and my favorite ways to show myself some love.


I have spoken a few times about the importance of self-care and how it’s critical for everyone. I may sound like a broken record here, but I am passionate about making yourself a priority. Life can be overwhelming at times. We all have so many obligations and responsibilities these days. In fact, I could fill my whole day with work, projects, and random tasks and still not make a dent on everything. And let’s not even talk about cleaning – which I am currently failing at (sigh).


One thing I have learned to do is take time for myself. I can’t emphasize this enough. Everyone needs and deserves some time to focus on themselves, whether for you that means some time alone, a dinner date with friends, a workout class, or a bubble bath. I don’t believe it’s a luxury, it’s a necessity.


With that in mind, here are some of the ways I’ve been practicing some self love lately:


Morning smoothies with the girls.  The girls have a smoothie every morning, but I typically have eggs and veggies or chia pudding. I’ve been getting back into smoothies and it’s been a nice change. Of course, we’re working on sharing since the girls don’t want me to drink any of theirs.

green smoothie

Taking my lunch outside. As many of you know, most of my lunch breaks are spent at the gym, but once a week I’ve been trying to have a meal away from my desk. I love sitting outside at Whole Foods or Happy + Hale to read and enjoy lunch.


Enjoying homemade white pizza with caramelized onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives and goat cheese that Matthew made (SO good!!).


A glass of wine (or two) while making dinner or playing with the girls. I’ve been going back to Zinfandels and I love it!

A Fit Mess

Taking a walk outside alone. Before I had the girls I used to walk all the time. Now that my time is a bit more limited I’d rather run or get an actual workout in if I have time to myself. But this week I have squeezed in a couple of walks and they felt so good. Honestly, my mood has just been off lately and getting outdoors in the sunshine has really helped. Plus, I get a lot of ideas for blog posts when I am walking. It’s a great time to brainstorm.


Hanging out at the pool with the girls. One of our favorite things about our neighborhood is the close proximity of the pool and playground to our house. The girls and I usually make it to the pool twice a week.


And enjoying some delicious watermelon (my favorite summer fruit!)


Lots of other little things give me a boost: getting a manicure, wandering around Target without an agenda (or kids!), buying an almond milk latte, getting a hair cut, or having a massage. These are all things I do just for me. They leave me feeling recharged and relaxed.


I completely believe that in order to be the best version of yourself you need to take time to fill up your cup. Taking care of yourself, finding some enjoyment in little ways, or just being tuned in to your own thoughts can be so restorative.


What are some of your favorite ways to take care of yourself? I would love to know!


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