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A Fit Mess
May 18, 2016

Hey, hey. Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s been cloudy, rainy, and slightly chilly here which has me wondering where our beautiful spring weather went. It also has me fantasizing about summer. There are many things that I’d like to accomplish over the next few months. I also have lots of fun activities planned that I can’t wait to get started with.

With that in mind I thought I’d share my summer “bucket list.” I would love to know what you might be planning this summer.

1. Take (and pass!) my personal training certification exam


Even though I technically have until February 2017 to take the exam, I have a soft goal of taking it this summer (June or July). I have read through all of the course materials and watched the online video tutorials, but I plan on reviewing some of the more challenging topics and creating note cards to help me with any difficult terms. If you are curious, here’s why I decided to pursue my PT certificate. And for those who are interested, I’m getting my certification through the Poliquin Group.

2. Finish the living room renovations

Siegel How We Live

I recently mentioned that I’m working with my friend Maria to redesign our living room. I am not happy with the layout right now and I want the space to be more inviting and functional since we spend a lot of time in there. I’m hoping we can purchase some furniture and make updates to our existing setup this summer. Of course, Maria and I are all over Pinterest. I can’t wait to get started!

3. Swim lessons with the girls

beach with girls

Thanks to a tip from my wonderful friend Megan, we’ll be starting private swim lessons for the girls in June. I’m really eager to begin these. Our neighborhood pool just opened last weekend. I guess that means it’s time to start swimsuit shopping.

4. Learn to make summer cocktails

The summertime always makes me crave a cocktail. I know nothing about mixed drinks (I mostly drink wine), so I want to learn how to make some more creative drinks for the warmer months. The only thing I make (and rather well if I do say so) is sangria. I’ve started making a Drinks! board on Pinterest. What should I add? This looks delish! And oh my…YES!

5. Turn part of the garage into a home gym (<–my husband’s cringing right now)

A Fit Mess

Yes, this is something I NEED. Yes, I WOULD use it. Yes, I do need help FINANCING it. Loveyousomuchsweetiethanksbyeeee. I don’t need much, but I would love to add rubber flooring, a bench, some plyo boxes, a mounted TRX, 20# and 30# weights, a mat, ropes, a barbell, and a wall timer. Too much to ask? I also need someone to clear all the spiderwebs out of the garage. I’m running a bug-free gym!

6. Bring the girls to their first movie

I think it would be fun to take the girls to see their first movie in a theater thissummer. A new cinema opened up last year near our house and we still haven’t been to it. Or better yet, we can attend one of the outdoor movie showings in Southern Village which starts mid June. I will eat all the popcorn and all the Reese’s pieces (<–favvvvvv).

7. Weekly Farmer’s Market trips


Summer means trips to the local Farmer’s Markets with the girls. I’m so excited to start bringing them with me to see what real food looks like from the people who grow it. Last year we bought peaches from a stand in Chapel Hill and the girls LOVED them! They were a bit confused as to why there weren’t any “farmers.” I think they imagined someone like Old MacDonald with a straw hat and overalls with cows roaming behind him.

I could go on and on – I LOVE summer, but I need to get going and start my day. I have a little someone snoozing next to me. Have a great day, friends!

What are your plans this summer? Any projects you’re hoping to tackle?


  1. I love your bucketlist! Esp swim lessons and Farmer’s Market weekly trips. My nesting is out of control. I think I need a list to focus the energy. 🙂

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