Weekend highlights: sunshine, smoothies, and sweat

April 25, 2016

Hey there! I hope you had a great weekend. We enjoyed ours. I wanted to share just a few quick highlights from our weekend.

Friday night massage!


I can think of no better way to end a long week. Sadly, this was the last one in my package. I will definitely go back, but it won’t be as frequent as before. I can’t say enough about my experience at Hand and Stone Massage. Highly recommend!

Saturday morning drop-in from my bestie. She brought me these pretty purple tulips. We chatted over coffee while the girls ran around. I absolutely love catching up with this girl.


Our new grill! We sold the last one when we moved so we haven’t had one in almost two years! We bought this one from Lowe’s and they delivered it right on schedule. Matt had it up and going in no time. Yay!


Wings on the grill – so good!


We had beautiful weather Saturday and Sunday which meant lots and lots of time outside.


Mini flower pots from Target. The girls planted their own seeds – daisies and sunflowers. Um, as you can see we may have over-watered them.


Tons of green smoothies for all of us.


I tried a new (to me) yoga class called m’bala at Hot Asana. The class combined strength, cardio, and hot yoga. It was super challenging. I definitely had noodles legs after.


Turtles in our pond. At one point there was about 12 of them, but they left after they realized we didn’t have any food.


Chalk and hopscotch outside.


The End.

Last week’s workouts:


1 mile run

3 sets of 12 (1 minute rest between sets)

  • wide push ups
  • DB bench press
  • flat bench cable fly
  • narrow push ups
  • standing DB tricep extension
  • tricep push down


1 mile run

3 sets of 12 (1 minute rest between sets)

  • wide grip lat pull down
  • one arm DB row
  • seated cable row
  • underhand cable pull-down
  • bicep curls
  • DB preacher curls
  • standing bicep cable curls


Orangetheory class




4 sets of 15 – minimal rest in between sets

  • seated DB press
  • standing DB straight-arm front delt raise to a T
  • side lateral raise
  • seated bent over rear delt raise
  • exercise ball crunch
  • bicycle crunch

75 box jumps <–ouch!


Orangetheory class (lots of run-rows and lower body work)


M’bala class at Hot Asana

How was your weekend? Has anyone else started to grill outside?

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