Hello from Oak Island + last week’s workouts

April 2, 2016

Hello, hello! Popping in from Oak Island to say hey and share last week’s workouts.

We made it here in one piece. The car ride was actually…pleasant. I know I’m jinxing myself by saying this before we’ve had to drive home! But the girls did well in the car. I’ll share what I did to keep them busy in my full recap later this week (spoiler: it involved a lot of snacks!).

The beach is beautiful and we’ve had some great weather so far. It’s been nice to have coffee with an ocean view!

The house we are staying in is really lovely and there is a lot of room for the girls to move about. Take a look at the pics below! If anyone would like the rental property information, please let me know. I would highly recommend this place!

I’m looking forward to sharing our trip highlights later this week!

Last week’s workouts:

I’m really proud of myself for getting in some quality workouts despite having a busy week.


I was home with the girls this day so I made up a workout to do while they napped. I think I overestimated myself! Super, super hard. I honestly said, “Are you kidding me?!” out loud to myself.

Home workout – strength (no rest)

4 rounds:

  • 20 pushups
  • 20 supermans

4 rounds:

  • 20 hammer curls
  • 20 cross body curls (seated)

4 rounds:

  • 20 dips
  • 20 diamond pushups

4 rounds:

  • 20 chest presses (on the floor)
  • 20 overhead presses

Abs: 3 sets of 2 minute planks


Strength workout – by Jamie Eason

Perform 3 sets (12 reps) of each exercise.* So, you would perform 12 wide pushups and repeat that 3 times before moving on to the DB bench presses. I rested 30 seconds in between each set.

  • wide pushups (12)
  • DB bench press (12)
  • flat bench press cable flys (12)
  • narrow pushups (12)
  • standing DB tricep extensions (12)
  • tricep pushdowns (12)

* I went lighter on the weights for this to give my arms a break.


Orangetheory class (I heart Coach Krystal! She’s a great motivator and keeps the class interesting.)


REST – I went for a walk at lunch


Home workout – strength

4 rounds:

  • pushups with inward intent (AMRAP) – while in the push up position press your hands in toward each other without picking them up.
  • 1 arm DB elbow out row (12)

4 rounds:

  • DB curl to press (12)
  • band stiff arm pull down (12)

10 minutes of abs:

leg lifts, reverse crunches, bicycles, spider mans, v-ups

Saturday – beach day!

Orange Theory – I squeezed in a class before we left for the beach.


A lot of walking and running around at the beach

I hope you all have a great Monday!


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